Naked News: The Karma Edition (Starring Herpes and Adultery!)

photo via flickr

Used to be you could lie about your genital herpes or cheat on your wife on a plane without anyone paying too much attention. Let’s give thanks to the information age for bringing some good old-fashioned karma back into the picture!

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  1. I think “karma” would be his wife finding out and taking him to the cleaners in a divorce. Being ridiculed in front of the WHOLE WORLD goes far beyond what this (ultimately inconsequential) bozo deserves.

    And let’s talk about this chick who tweeted it all. She’s LOVING every minute of this. If she didn’t LOVE Brian’s lame advances for the attention it provided her, both on the spot and through her twitter account, there are several ways she could have shut him down. She could have put on some headphones. She could have cracked a book. She could have ignored him. She could have told him that he’s obviously lying about being married and to stop hitting on her. But for an attention seeker, where’s the fun in that? So instead she entertained herself by wrecking this guy’s life. That shows pretty rotten character, if you ask me, and it makes me wonder how great her karma is.

  2. I have mixed feelings about internet vigilantism. It’s easy to say that someone like Brian deserves that, but we’ve all done shit that we’d be horrified to see go viral online. Let he who is without sin and all…

    It was funny when she was just tweeting about Brian, some douche bag on the plane. Posting his last name was pretty fucked up. If someone winds up giving her a dose of her own medicine – posting the worst of her worst online – she won’t get any sympathy from me.

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