1. Lysistrata is about politics, and is explicated through the personalities of the characters. In the play the major tactic of the players is withholding sex to force men to end a war. I’m not advocating it as an answer to the question but merely as an example in the media of this question. I’m not going to claim to be a scholar on translations of Aristophanes. I have heard that there is a new translation that is gaining praise. I’m sure you can find it, if it matters to you.

  2. Lysistrata is about politics, not personalities. And if you’ve ever found a decent translation do let me know.

    Back to the subject at hand. Robert Heinlein once wrote that the second it becomes clear in an argument that you are right you should apologize at once. If your relationship isn’t more important than the argument you should KTMFAO.

  3. And for those looking for a classical perspective, Lysistrata, Aristophanes play about just this topic, is being performed by Synetic at the Rosslyn Spectrum outside of DC.

  4. I agree with Epiphany. If the argument has something directly to do with the sex life, then the sex should be handled accordingly. Sometimes it can fix the problem–other times it can make it worse. I personally feel that open communication is most important, and if sex is necessary for that to happen, then do not ever withhold it.

  5. I heard a 70 year old woman give the advice:
    “In a relationship, when your fighting, or when you need to talk about something that always leads to a fight. Always have sex first then talk about it. Who can be hostile and angry after great sex. You’ll be able to make your relationship last longer. Besides you need to have as much sex as you can while you’re still young.”

    It works

  6. There should be more than two choices. I think it’s acceptable to withhold sex to make a point if and only if the disagreement is about sex. For example, your partner is selfish in the sack or repeatedly does something you dislike despite being told that you don’t want to do it, then yes, you should withhold sex to show that it’s serous. Then again, you probably don’t want to be with someone who ignores your sexual preferences anyway.

  7. Yikes, if that is the only way your point can be heard, you have some major relationship problems.

  8. Both answers are kinda weird – no, it won’t will your relationship or anything, but it won’t make your point heard either. If you do that in all honesty you are just making a fool out of yourself in front of your partner (and, yes, that will kill your relationship if you pull that out regularly).

  9. This only works on guys who can’t get laid elsewhere. No self-respecting playboy would put up with this. Once your girl realizes that her pussy may as well be the only one in the world to you, it’s all over.

    Then again, if I found myself haggling over any kind of bargaining chip with a girl, I’d probably dump her. It’s immature.

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