1. We Californians deal with this all the time. Do you take 101 to L.A.? Or do you take THE 101 to San Francisco? Northern Californians favor the former, Southern Californians the latter.

    Are you in hospital? Or are in you in THE hospital? Depends on whether you’re sick in the U.K. or the U.S.

  2. I just graduated last year and we never used “the,” it was always just prom.

  3. i graduated from high school in 1983. we ALWAYS called it the prom. nobody EVER called it just prom back then. when did it change and why?? it seems like i started hearing it as just prom only in the last few years. i definitely prefer the prom over just prom.

  4. In the early 1960’s, we called it THE Prom. When and why was it changed to just PROM?

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