Quite Possibly the Best Sex Toys Ever Invented (For Reals)

(Cue the opening music to “2001: A Space Odyssey”:)

In the beginning,

LELO created the first 24-karat gold sex toy.

Next, LELO created the first eco-friendly lithium polymer rechargeable batteries for bedside accessories.

Then, LELO created the first wireless massagers whose vibrations are created through movements of the remote.

And now?

Behold! The SenseMotion™ Insignia 2 line!

Seriously, our friends (whom we’re now delighted to call sponsors) over at LELO have outdone themselves. The famous Swedish design company of luxury intimate items has just won the Oscars of the design world, the coveted Red Dot Design Award of 2012 for their original SenseMotion™ Insignia couple’s massager, the Tiani— it’s worn by the woman during playtime for both partners’ pleasure. (Previous winners of the Red Dot include the Apple iPhone 4, BMW 5er Touring, and the Bose SoundDock — it’s a BFD!)

Tiani 2

Now, LELO taken their entire “sense motion” line of vibes — the Tiani, the Lyla internal/external massager, and the Oden couple’s ring — and made them even better:

    • 50% more power
Lyla 2
    • 300% more wireless range (the signal travels around bodies and other physical obstacles with less interference from other wireless devices)
    • More versatility (the Oden 2 and Tiani 2 now each come with TWO wearable attachments)
Oden 2
  • Better memory for non-stop sensation (an intelligent memory chip ensures no interruption in vibrations from interference)
  • Easier to use (you don’t need the remote to start playing, but can activate it anytime mid-sesh)

And, as before, each item in this new Insignia line is whisper quiet, 100% waterproof, rechargeable, made of FDA-approved silicone that’s soft and flexible, and comes with 6 sensation modes and a one-year warranty. It doesn’t get any better than this.*

Here’s how the Tiani 2 works:

*And they’re not paying us to say that.

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  1. I would be interested in hearing from people who have tried both the Tiani and the We-vibe, to know which one is better and if the Tiani is worth the price difference.

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