Reports of the G-spot's Nonexistence Are Vastly Exaggerated

photo by liz_noise

If you believe the screaming headlines this week, it turns out that after all these years — drumroll please — the G-spot does not exist. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, the hunt is off! According to the U.K. Daily Telegraph, “Researchers at King’s College London claim there is no evidence for the existence of the G-spot – supposedly a cluster of internal nerve endings – beyond a woman’s imagination.” In other words, please put down your G-spotters and go home.

Except. The so-called proof in this study is that they asked 1,800 women, all pairs of identical or non-identical twins, if they had a G-spot. Because identical twins share all their genes (while non-identical share only 50%), they figured that if one identical twin reported having a G-spot, then her sister was more likely to report having one two. But, um, what if one twin had a better G-spotting toy than the other? What if one twin had never tried out intercourse positions that stimulated the G-spot?

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  1. …you realize that the main point of this post is that studies which claim “There officially is no G-Spot!” are erroneous and not at all valid, right? Because this article is not saying there is no G-Spot, it’s saying there is no valid research to support the idea that there is no G-Spot.

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