Sad with Shitty Insurance? Try Online Group Therapy

Ever feel like you could benefit from a therapist but you don’t have the cash or you can’t travel to sessions or you just don’t wan to make the commitment? Now the magic Internet is bringing the therapists to you for only $9.99 per hour-long sesh. Talktala:_ is a brand new site (so new they’re still in the beta stage) that democratizes therapy by providing it in small groups for a low price.

You attend a group session — whether by chatting, talking, videoing or a combination of all three, your choice — with a max of 8 people including the therapist. It can be completely anonymous, if you prefer. Their projected audience is mainly women and many of the sessions are centered around relationship issues; for example, “I can’t seem to get the relationship I want” and “I want to break my relationship patterns” and “My spouse is cheating on me” and “Divorce Support.”

We haven’t tried it and can’t vouch for the experience, but we were intrigued enough by the idea — especially since we often get advice questions from people who should be seeking professional help but can’t afford it — that we asked Talktala:_ for more information:

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