Sexy Sesame Street Halloween Costumes?

First the Katy Perry debacle, and now this! Okay, so they are not actually marketed as “sexy” Sesame Street costumes; they’re called “sassy.” We guess there’s a difference. But still, is there nothing sacred? It’s hard enough to find little girl costumes that aren’t all tarted up, but now we have to tart-up the most innocent, asexual, preschool cartoon characters for tween and adult women’s own mature party ends? What, Sexy Dorothy, Sexy PhD Candidate and Sexy Firefighter just weren’t enough? Fortunately, none of the PBS-morning-inspired costumes come in vinyl or with a whip (“Spank Me Elmo,” anyone?); they’re more 60’s mod style (think “Mad Men Elmo”). But still, if you’re going to go the Sesame Street route, just commit to the costume and go full-body, head-to-toe fur suit. Having the confidence to look like a fool is what’s truly sexy.

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