Survey Debunks Some of Our Least Favorite Sex Myths

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We’re always a little skeptical when sex research is sponsored by a commercial product — as opposed to, say, an academic institution. That said, the commercially-driven surveys tend to have a lot of money and resources behind them, and every now and then, interesting stuff comes out of them. Take the new survey from Trojan, for example — sure, it includes not particularly helpful stats, like the fact that 70% of people “are open to trying a new condom designed to enhance orgasmic pleasure.” Oh really, Trojan? And we don’t suppose you happen to know anything about where we could find a condom like that, do you…?

But some of the other research isn’t half bad, and even debunks some of our least favorite myths about sex — always a good thing. Some highlights:

  • The Myth: Men are afraid of sex toys. The research: Men are more willing to try a vibrator in bed than women:  74% of men — compared to 70% of women — are open to using a vibe during sex. Still, both figures are pretty encouraging!
  • The Myth: Having kids destroys your sex life. The research: Parents are more likely to have spontaneous sex, sex in different places than couples without children, and they’re more likely to use a vibrator, too.
  • The Myth: It’s all about the sext. The research: Americans are more likely to have experimented with dirty talk, used lubricant, or had sex outdoors than they are to have sexted or sent a dirty pic or video.
  • The Myth: Sex is a competition, and more is always better. The research: Bay Area residents have the least amount of sex compared to other areas of the country (120 times a year) and shortest sessions (31 minutes), yet they have high rates of satisfaction (65%) and are least likely to fake an orgasm (31%).
  • The Myth: Longer is always better. The research: Only 34% of women said they wished sex lasted longer (compared to 41% of men).
  • The Myth: Men never fake, that’s just a girl thing. The research: Sure, more women fake orgasms (nearly 60%)… but 19% of men have faked, too.

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photo via flickr