Comment of the Week: If He’s Being Secretive, He’s a Spy or a Player

Reader Jenna said the following in response to the post “Your Call: How Can She Tell If a Guy Is Playing Games?” Men who are serious about relationships usually have a certain amount of transparency. They let you meet friends or family without it being a big production. They share details of their day or […]

Dear Em & Lo
Dear Em & Lo: He Says It’s Just Sex, But Then He Holds My Hand

photo via flickr Submit Your Own Question to EMandLO.comTry Our New *PRIVATE* Advice Service! Dear Em & Lo, I met this guy through Facebook. We met up at a bar he goes to all the time. When I come walking in he does a double take. We hit it off right off the bat! Yeah! […]

Pop Culture
10 Reasons Why the First Marriage Still Rocks Our World

Three years ago, inspired by an article in the New York Times Magazine, we wrote a post about how we found the First Marriage both inspiring and a little chastening — let’s see you be President or First Lady and still rock hot monogamy like that. The marriage is also a little terrifying — how would […]

Pop Culture
This I Believe: Slow Kisses, High Fiber, Soft-Core Porn, Baseball

Bull Durham (1988) We were listening to the “This I Believe” show on our local public radio station a few days ago — “This I Believe” is an international organization that gets people to discuss their core values, and is based on the popular 1950s radio series of the same name, hosted by Edward R. Murrow. They have […]

Wise Guys
Wise Guys: Do Men Know When They’re in Love?

photo via flickr Advice from three of’s guy friends. This week they answer the following: “Do guys know when they’re in love?“ To ask the guys your own question, click here. Single Straight Guy (Colin Adamo of Hooking Up & Staying Hooked): Not always. I think we spend a lot of time debating and […]

Pop Culture
Books – Affection: A Memoir About Sex Addiction and Monogamy

Affection: An Erotic Memoir by Krissy Kneen is a story of compulsive sexual exploration, sex addiction — and, ultimately, blissful, married monogamy. Australian author Kneen was raised by a group of protective and eccentric women who forbade any and every expression of sexuality… and we all know where that leads. We chatted to Kneen about […]

Personal Essays
Confession: Cohabitation Is No Honeymoon

Our contributor Chloë Browne, who’s pursuing an Honors Major in Gender and Sexuality Studies at at Swarthmore College, has a confession to make: About a month ago, tethered to my parents’ couch by a recent wisdom tooth surgery, I found myself in pursuit of life advice from my technological bestie, Google. I was about to […]

Dream Interpretation
Dream Interpretation – I Told BF I Was Pregnant and He Withheld Sex

photo by karindaiziel Other people’s dreams are never interesting…except when they’re about sex. Each week, our dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg tells one lucky reader what their dirty dream means. This week, a reader asks Lauri: I’m female, single, and very NOT pregnant, but I recently had a dream in which I had just told the […]

Pop Culture
Books: The Husbands and Wives Club

Before we started reading The Husbands and Wives Club: A Year in the Life of a Couples Therapy Group by Laurie Abraham (based on this NYT mag cover story), we had a number of preconceived notions. (1) Okay, so other people’s therapy might be interesting when Gabriel Byrne plays the therapist on HBO, but real-life […]

Everything You Wanted to Know About Marriage But Were Afraid to Ask

Neither one of us ever read Elizabeth Gilbert’s bestselling memoir Eat, Pray, Love (soon to be a movie starring Julia Roberts) — we were both faintly annoyed by the idea of being along for the ride while some over-analytical divorcee worked through her problems on paper. But then Curtis Sittenfeld’s review of Gilbert’s Committed: A […]

10 Reasons Why the First Marriage Rocks Our World

photo by cliff1066 The cover story in this weekend’s New York Times Magazine is about the First Marriage. It’s both inspiring and a little chastening — let’s see you be President or First Lady and still rock hot monogamy like that. And also a little terrifying — how would we ever recover from an Obama divorce? We’d lose […]

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Living Together 7 Years = Common Law Married?

photo by adactio Our friend Robin Epstein and her sister Amy Epstein Feldman just wrote a hilarious (not to mention helpful) book called So Sue Me, Jackass! Avoiding Legal Pitfalls That Can Come Back to Bite You at Work, at Home, and at Play. Over the past three weeks, we’ve published excerpts answering questions like “Can […]

Dear Em & Lo
Dear Em & Lo: My Work-Crush Won’t Dump His GF

Dear Em & Lo, I am torn. I don’t want to be a male poacher, however, “Bob,” who is my coworker, and I have undeniable chemistry. We have never physically done anything — nothing! He does say to me quite often that he wishes he and I were together. He has cooked for me, he […]

Pop Culture
Writer Defends Adulterers, Calls the Rest of Us “Holier Than Thou”

If you’ve listened to Howard Stern even once over the past decade (that’d be Em, not Lo), then you know that one of his most loyal advertisers is the Ashley Madison Agency — the online dating site that caters to married people with the tagline “Life is short. Have an affair.” Charming. On and off […]

Dear Em & Lo
Dear Em & Lo: What’s So Wrong with Cheating on My Husband?

Dear Em & Lo, I’ve read your books and love your website, but I notice you are against any infidelity and look down on those who have affairs, but you’re okay with swinging and group sex and anal sex probes and bisexuals and all kinds of things that normal folks (who occasionally stray) find disgusting. […]

Love Hurts? There Might Just Be a Drug for That.

photo by Caleb Have you ever wished that you could turn off that aspect of your brain that gets unreasonably and irrationally attached to someone completely inappropriate after a night of sex and/or spooning? Well, it turns out that a solution — call it the anti-love drug — just might be on the horizon. It’s […]