10 Reasons Why the First Marriage Rocks Our World

obamas_dancingphoto by cliff1066

The cover story in this weekend’s New York Times Magazine is about the First Marriage. It’s both inspiring and a little chastening — let’s see you be President or First Lady and still rock hot monogamy like that. And also a little terrifying — how would we ever recover from an Obama divorce? We’d lose faith in the very institution of marriage! So please, Mr. and Mrs. Obama, hang in there, for us. Here are top 10 reasons why we think they will:

  1. They don’t think it’s dorky to arrange date nights. (Since when did it become uncool to use the term “date night,” anyway? We’re standing by it proudly.) Speaking of date nights, he once upgraded dinner-and-a-movie to dinner-and-a-Broadway-show, which would be torture for most straight guys we know.
  2. When they dance they still look as in love as if it were the first dance at their wedding — except that it’s newly-wed bliss mixed with the kind of wise, knowing, deep love that you get — if you’re truly lucky — after seventeen years of marriage and two kids.
  3. Which is not to say that they’re above a little buddy-buddy fist-bumping.
  4. They work out together and just started playing tennis together. “He wins,” she said. “For now,” he added. Which we’re convinced improves their sex life. Whatever it is, you can tell they’re still hot for each other.
  5. Also, they play Scrabble together.

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  1. I read this article yesterday and really enjoyed it, for the same reasons you ladies listed. Total swoon.

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