Thanks to You, We’re Sex Blogger Superheroes!

Thanks to everyone who nominated us for Kinkly’s Top 100 Sex Bloggers list! We made the cut, along with a lot of other cool sites we’re honored to share the space with.

Like Kinkly says:

…it’s easy to take for granted how much the internet has done for sex education. No matter who you are or where you are, you can log on and connect with whatever you need — including other people just like you. You can get the sex education your school won’t give you. Or, if you’re an adult, the one you never got. You can find out that that fantasy you have is perfectly normal, because, look!, other people fantasize about the same thing. You can learn how to use contraception and, if it’s hard to come by where you live, perhaps where to get it. You can learn how to have better sex, how to treat your partner better and with more respect, how to bring more pleasure into your body. You can learn about sex toys and how to use them — and choose them. And, perhaps most importantly, you can figure out how to have the kind of sex you want to have, starting with what that might mean for you. When it comes to sex, getting good information online may not be brand new, but something is definitely happening here in the sense that the information available is more readily available, of higher quality and easier to find.

We’ve always believed that the best sex advice is universal, no matter your gender, junk or orientation.  Over the past almost 20 years, we’ve tried to offer insight and suggestions to help make sexual relationships more informed, respectful, egalitarian, and just. But we’ve tried to balance out our earnestness with a healthy sense of humor and lots of ridiculous ’80s pop culture references. We hope you find EMandLO.com informative yet fun, opinionated but not (too) judgmental, philosophically complex yet down-to-earth, sexy but never sleazy, progressive and ethical.

Thank you so much for being here!

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