The Documentary "The Nature of Existence"

There’s a new documentary out this summer from the director of TREKKIES  called THE NATURE OF EXISTENCE (it opens this tomorrow in NY at The Quad Cinemas), in which various philosophers, history scholars, religious leaders and fanatics from all over the world are asked tough questions about the purpose of human beings on Earth. The filmmaker has several clips online, and of course, being who we are, we’re drawn to the sex-related ones, like the clip with the confrontational Evangelical singing an anti-gay song on a college campus (positively antiquated, and what the director calls “the oddest moment of making” the movie) and the medley of thoughts on premarital sex (if you can get through the cheesy New Age music, listen for the creepiest description of a threeway between a husband, his wife and God).

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  1. To the GLBT hating homophobic guy (the first clip) Yes, I have met “a happy queer.” Quite a few of them, in fact. He seems to think being GLBT precludes happiness. His life must be so hateful, and limited and judgmental and lacking in not only experience, but curiosity and acceptance, I wonder how HE can experience Joy at all. This guy is scary.

  2. RE: The medley of thoughts on premarital sex. I thought this was well done, intelligent and gave a good overview of sex couched in terms of Faith and Enlightenment. (with the exception of the nutcase Hater who was waving the Bible around and yelling about the evils of premarital sex, which, of course, he doesn’t seem to realize the Bible has NO restrictions of sex before marriage.)

    I think the Reverend who was talking about “the hand of God on my back when I make love to my wife” was NOT “creepy.” I think he was talking about the plugging in to the Universe (he sees it as God) that many of us feel when we make love to the person we feel is a Perfect Match at the time. Good sex IS transcendental, (or can be) and I think this man was just expressing that in terms of his Faith, which happens to be a rather Liberal interpretation of Christianity which in his view, has a GOOD view of Sexuality.

    Many people feel Ecstasy after or before or during orgasm. Some view this as “God” others as the Universe being in perfect alignment at this moment, with the person they are making love to and with themselves. I don’t think what he said was creepy at all.

    The guy with the Bible and the admonitions about pre-marital sex, though, NutCase.

    The others had really good things to say about sex, ecstasy, bonding and Love.

    Good stuff.

    And, the music didn’t bother me at all.

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