Women Looking Remorseful After Sexual Encounters

photo via flickr (Note: this is not an actual example of the meme because we are law-abiding bloggers and don’t steal images, even to make fun of them! You’ll have to visit the links below to see examples.)

Back in December, we wrote about the stock photo cliche of a couple’s bare feet sticking out from under the covers. Those photos are always used to accompany sex stories, and we have no idea why. Who has sex like that?!  We had no idea back then that a whole internet meme was brewing about the ridiculousness of stock photos. First came women laughing alone with salad. Then there were the hilarious (or sexually suggestive, we suppose? if you’re into that kind of thing) women struggling to drink water. And now, from the blog Vagenda (tagline “Like King Lear, but for girls”), there are stock photos of women looking remorseful after sexual encounters.

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