Bigger Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Better

Reader LuckyGirl recently responded to My New Boyfriend Has a Small Penis…At Least, It’s Small to Me with the kind of comment more men need to hear. One important caveat to her otherwise sound response: 5.5 inches is not small, it’s average.

Ok, I’d been with my husband for 25 years before he passed away. I considered him to be [average or above average in size]. I could not always get my rocks off and sex was mediocre at best. The man I’m currently dating is small. I figured that the first time I tried to put a condom on him and it fell off (granted, it was a magnum – oops) he lost his confidence and his erection that night and I worried it was all over — in the sack. I was so freaking wrong. Once we got the condom thing figured out, holy hell. Not only did he rock my world, but I lost count after 6-7 times the next time we got together. He definitely knows how to work what he’s got. He’s maybe 5.5″ and not girthy and I’ve yet to not have an orgasm. Multiple ones at that…so there ya go.

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  1. My opinion: it’s okay to have preferences and preferences that aren’t popular shouldn’t be shamed. I have been with every extreme but to tell someone it is best is you just make yourself prefer average doesn’t understand preference at all.

  2. i had no idea I’d be topic of a blog post – lol. I was guessing at his size. I’ve never measured him so it could be smaller. But it’s never stopped him from being anything but amazing. It’s still new between us, 3 months or so – but every time we are together, I hope and pray it ends up in the bedroom. And I used to hate sex.

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