Candie’s “Sexes Up” Abstinence Campaign

candies_abstinenceThe Candie’s Foundation’s pro-abstinence tee

We guess it was only a matter of time before the true-love-waits crew decided to use sex to sell abstinence. After all, if sex can sell anything — even, ew, toilet paper — why shouldn’t it be used to promote the very absence of sex? That’s so po-mo our heads hurt. But here’s what really makes our heads hurt: It’s the Candie’s Foundation — yes, of Candie’s shoes fame — that wants to sex up the abstinence-only campaign. The t-shirt above is the winner of the Candie’s Foundation’s “New Sexy Slogan” contest. Ah, Candie’s. How fondly we remember you from that ad starring a naked Playboy Bunny on the pot…and the one featuring a teen starlet who looks like she’s posing for doggy-style…not to mention the one with abstinence role model of the year, Britney Spears…and then this ad, which is so f*&%ed up we can only link to it, speechless. (And when we say f*&%ed up, we’re not just talking about Mark McGrath’s highlights.) Yay, girl power in stripper shoes! And did we mention that the new face of the Candie’s Foundation’s abstinence campaign is Bristol Palin? The jokes just write themselves, people.

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  1. Bristol Palin being the new face of their campaign doesn’t surprise me. Preventing unintended pregnancies is NOT the main goal of the abstinence-only campaign. If abstinence-only sex ed became mandatory nationwide, and teen pregnancy rates went up 100%, they’d STILL support it. Their main goal is, in fact, to try to control our sex education so we sexually behave the same way they do, because darn it, they’re RIGHT. Their thinking is limited by their doctrine. I saw a TV interview with someone who was a leader in opposing gay marriage, I believe. He came right out and said that if it were proven that homosexuality was biologically determined, he would still think it was immoral and oppose same sex marriage.

    “What’s that? It could make society healthier and happier? Sorry, I’m against it. It’s WRONG.”

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