Great Love Texts from Literature: Romeo & Juliet

ACT II. SCENE II. Capulet’s orchard:

Juliet: R, where u @?

[No response.]

Juliet: helloooo????

[No response. Juliet starts a new text.]

Juliet: yo, i think i’m in <3 but our rents h8 each other

Romeo: o rly?

Juliet: omg! meant that for my bff, lolz. nvm!

Romeo: QFT

Juliet: ???

Romeo: i feel the same

Juliet: 🙂

Romeo: Didnt respond rite away cuz i was climbing yr fence. im outside rite now.

Juliet: wut! my rents will kill u if they c u!

Romeo: wuteva

Juliet: swoon. (i should b playing harder to get)

Romeo: ily

Juliet: plz dont abbreviate THAT

Romeo: how should i say it?

Juliet: spell it out

[Romeo starts typing.]

Juliet: wait! we r moving 2 fast. gtg. cul8r!

Romeo: my log is blue

Juliet: WTF?!?!?!?!?!?

Romeo: damn you autocorrect! my LOV is TRUE

Juliet: hahaha! phew!

Romeo: dont go. I wanna git witchu.

Juliet: 2nite? no way.

Juliet: ADIR! brb

[slight pause]

Juliet: If ur 4 rlz, take me out 2moro. on a DATE.

Romeo: will do

Juliet: l8r!

[Slight pause.]

Juliet: wait, what time 2moro?

Romeo: 9?

Juliet: Meh. JK! cu then. k, say bye

Romeo: u 1st

Juliet: no u!

Romeo: ur 2qt

Juliet: saying goodbye sux

Romeo: xoxoxo




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