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Dear Em & Lo: I Got My Period on a Booty Call

  Dear Em & Lo, For the past two weeks I have been sleeping with a guy I met here at college. The boundaries of our relationship have been well-established: late night phone calls for no-strings-attached sex. Nevertheless, I want to keep this thing going. However the last time we were together I had one […]

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Confession: I Dragged My College BF to Couples Therapy

Our contributor, who wishes to remain anonymous, has a confession to make. (Read the first part of this story, which led her to the therapist’s couch, here.) I always thought couples therapy was for older married couples who couldn’t get their shit together.  Then my boyfriend of two years cheated on me and I couldn’t […]

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Confession: Shakespeare in Lust

Venus and Adonis photo by griannan Our contributor Lisa DiCarlucci, a Print Journalism major and English minor at Hofstra University, has a confession to make: The expense of spirit in a waste of shame Is lust in action; and till action, lust Is perjured, murderous, bloody, full of blame, Savage, extreme, rude, cruel, not to […]

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Confession: My Boyfriend and I Have Crushes on Other People

Our contributor Kristine deGuzman, a junior at UC Berkeley, has a confession to make: It was my roommate’s 21st birthday a few Fridays ago, so my roommates and I decided to throw her a massive birthday party at our apartment. My boyfriend opted to chill in my bedroom for most of the night, while I […]

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Confession: Ugly Guys Make Better Booty Calls

Our contributor is a student at an East coast university. And that’s all she’s willing to say. Except this… I’m not attracted to attractive guys. Those Burberry-wearing, BMW-driving, weight-lifting, business-studying, fraternity hunks just don’t do it for me. At the end of the night, I know I’m booty-calling my chunky, red-haired, 800-dollar-car-driving, engineer boy — […]

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Confession: Student/R.A. Love, the Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name

  Our contributor Antonio Reis, a first year at Wesleyan, has a confession to make on behalf of his friend: At 5:00 am, I wake up to the sound of fists pounding my dorm-room door. Groggily I get up and open it and am swiftly pushed back onto my bed by Sara as she bursts […]

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Confession: My New Crush Is HIV+

photo by ChrisLee0407 Our contributor Anonymous Bosch is a college student on the west coast. And that’s all he’s prepared to say right now. Except this… All my life, I have been schooled in the ways of safer sex by everyone from school to PSAs to my mother: If you don’t want to contract a […]

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Confession: I'm an Oversharer (and I Just Had Sex!)

photo by bansal98 Our contributor Kristine deGuzman, a junior at UC Berkeley, has a confession to make: I’ve shared almost everything about my sex life with my friends — they know, for example, that I discovered masturbation when I was 8 and alone with my parents’ hand-held massager. And that I am prone to squirt […]

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Confession: Rocking Around the Dickmas Tree

Our contributor Liz Nadybal, a recent Rutgers graduate who blogs at Hub City Brotel, has a confession to make: Here’s the dilemma: You amass a large number of condoms (thanks to your dear mom plying you with multi-packs every time she sees you), lube and penis whistles. You were supposed to hand them out on […]

Confession: I’m Burning Up for Her Love

Our contributor Antonio Reis, a first year at Wesleyan, has a confession to make: Is it normal for a guy shy of 20 to want to sleep with a 50-year-old? Would society really frown upon me doing a woman three decades older than me? What if it was Madonna? Yes, one of my wet dreams […]