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How Much Should You Google a New Partner?

Sure, sure, we know — everyone does it, it’s not just you. But would it be better for your relationships if you didn’t? And at what point in a relationship is it no longer weird to admit to someone that you Googled them? Also, how deep should you Google? For example, is it too psycho […]

The Funniest Google Search Terms That Brought You Here

We never cease to be amazed at the variety and quirkiness of Google search terms that bring people to For example, two of the most consistently popular searches we see in our site logs are “animal sex photos” and “sex poems.” Oddly enough, we find the “sex poems” request more surprising — perhaps that means […]

What Our Google Searches Tell Us About Our Exes

We’ve always been fascinated by the Google searches that bring people to You have no idea how many different ways it’s possible to spell penis. And don’t even get us started on masturbation! This week while browsing, we noticed just how many people out there are obsessed with their exes. In particular, exes and […]

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Googling the One Who Got Away

Before Facebook, MySpace, Google, et al, the “one who got away” (OWGA) was rarely more than a passing daydream — or a handy bit of masturbation material. Sure, someone might have eagerly looked forward to their ten-year high school reunion and they might have spent a little longer picking out an outfit before hitting the […]

Playing with Google’s New Tool (Heh)

We’re totally hooked on Google’s new book search tool, which lets you search and graph the frequency of words in millions of books from 1800 to today. You can even compare and contrast two words or phrases to see how they fare in print over the years. It’s intended for scholars, but it’s free for anyone […]

Browser Beware: Google Goggles

Google goggles are the rose-tinted glasses through which you view a new paramour after an exhaustive Internet search on them yields very impressive results: a book written in the Amazon top 100, a library wing named after them, a gorgeous portrait taken by Herb Ritz, a Pulitzer, etc. You might do this after a particularly […]