What Our Google Searches Tell Us About Our Exes

We’ve always been fascinated by the Google searches that bring people to EMandLO.com. You have no idea how many different ways it’s possible to spell penis. And don’t even get us started on masturbation! This week while browsing, we noticed just how many people out there are obsessed with their exes. In particular, exes and penis size, ex sex, and, of course, exes and Facebook. Here’s just a random sampling of the “ex” questions that have brought people to EMandLO.com via Google of late…

ex bf big penis problem

ex bf randomly gets in touch

ex bf says hi but nothing more

ex boyfriend from years ago wants to be Facebook friends

ex boyfriend gets back in touch

ex 10 yrs ago didt return Facebook msg

ex boyfriend harassing me how to stop

ex boyfriend has moved on will he come back

ex boyfriend said he would call but didn’t

ex fiancé contacts me after 20 year, we have an affair then he suddenly quits messaging me

ex fwb got married

ex gf exoses your small dick loser

ex gf just used for ego boost

ex gf they have seen it they just choose not to reply

ex got married and to have sex with me

ex had a small dick

ex has a gf but wants to meet up friends

ex husband wont ley me hug him

ex is saying i have small dick

ex makes random comments about us

ex said he would call and didn’t

ex says he wants to meet up

ex smool sex

ex tells me i have a small penis

ex wife new sex tricks

ex’s still care for each other after 11 years

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