Your Call – I Sent Flirty Texts to Other Women and GF Left Me

Dear Em & Lo

My girlfriend of nine years just took off with our three kids to her mom’s. She caught me texting another girl — this is the fourth time. All the girls were friends from out of state. As we text more, we got a lil flirty and that’s when my ex would step in. I never intended on physically cheating. I just would talk to other girls for advice on my relationship ,but it went further. I realize I made many mistakes but she is the love of my life and the mother of my children. What do I do? She is so mad at me.

— Two-Timing Texter

What should Texter do? Leave your advice in the comments section below.


  1. Good for you … you have no business sending texts to other women especially flirty texts. She did the right thing and you shoud have known better. You are obviously not happy if you need to do that type of stuff. You are showing her NO respect and I would have left your ass too. Good for her and I hope she stayed away.

  2. I’m sorry, but you’re just an idiot. You did it FOUR times. If she was the love of your life you probably would have stopped after the first, or second, or hell even third time she caught you, but you didn’t. You caused he great anxiety and hurt her like hell. Move on.

  3. Realy!!!! does any one want to think of the kids and what HE!!! has put them through. have you forgotten that the kids have listened to the fighting, mom crying, oh lets not forget moving to grandma’s and you want then back together again for what? mom is hurt,angery, and dealing with the kids and the schools, the move,a broken hart, now lets put mom and dad back in the same house know what do the kids hear, do you think walking on egg shell is good for the kids? maybe in time mom & dad can work on this. but the kids don’t need the stress of it. do you think dad is done playing his sextexing game? LOL with a HA HA HA do you think mom has trust in him or faith that he grew up over night? lets not forget 3 kids in 9 years!!!! what could be the reason for no ring? the kids will have both parnets mom all the time dad wensdays and every other weekend!!!!!!

  4. Okay, let’s start with the painfully obvious:

    (1) No one likes for their partner to consult with the same sex on relationship advice. It’s a golden rule. Whether straight, gay, bi…doesn’t matter. It’s just something that’s in a human’s nature.

    (2) The fact that things would go a little “overboard” shows your partner that you cannot be trusted. It’s a given. If you love and care for the person you’re with, you would have no desire to let anything get out of hand. Men, in history’s eyes, have this way of feeling like cowards for stopping something from going too far, but to me, a man is one that defends his woman.

    (3)She definitely needs time to calm down. However, during that time, you need to prove to her that you are truly sorry and that you want to be with her. This can be done several ways. If she is the love of your life, you must now step into her shoes as if she was texting other dudes. You need to connect with her emotions; it’s no longer about you.

    (4) One day at a time. Don’t expect her anger to subside over night or over a few days. Slow and steady wins the race. The time for you to really step up to the plate is now, not later.

  5. Hmmmm…….3 kids and 9 years? Maybe hitting Tiffany’s and getting her an engagement ring that you don’t need a magnifying glass to see it with would be a good first step toward setting things right. You seem like a complete dumbass, tho, and eventually you will realize everything that you have lost when it is wayyyy too late. The worst part is that you are giving your own children the shaft. you are a LOSERRRRRR………..someday they will DESPISE you and you DESERVE it.

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