The Funniest Google Search Terms That Brought You Here

We never cease to be amazed at the variety and quirkiness of Google search terms that bring people to EMandLO.com. For example, two of the most consistently popular searches we see in our site logs are “animal sex photos” and “sex poems.” Oddly enough, we find the “sex poems” request more surprising — perhaps that means we’ve been in the biz too long. But whether the search terms are weird or confusing or self-defeating or crazy kinky or laugh-out-loud hilarious, one thing they have in common is this: they remind us why we’re still writing a sex and dating advice column, more than fifteen years after we started. Because somewhere out there, someone will always have a question that needs answering. Yeah, we’re talking to you, guy who wants to know if “married women’s pussy salty.”

Anyway, here’s a brief sampling of some of the more entertaining (shall we say) Google searches that have brought people to EMandLO.com lately… and this is just looking alphabetically from A through D!

after the orgasim i sleep why im a lady

all of my friends have strap-ons they use on the husbands asses

all the girls told me that my pennis girth is too big

any one whu intrested to sex with me

any females hav a small dick.boyfreind

are married women’s pussy salty

are pamela anderson’s breast starting sag

arghh new boyfriend has a small cock

ayanimals sex potos

bad boob day

beby born to unmarried girl in dream what indicated

best way to mastrubatin

bounsing pennis

checking out friends penis at urinal

cucumber gave me big penis

dating and sleeping with capricorn. has not introduced to friends

different sites for booty call for completely for no money at all you don’t pay for it

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