Our Top 10 Favorite Search Terms That Led People to EMandLO.com This Month

We’re afraid the majority of searchers were sorely disappointed:

  1. britney sex animal
  2. always wanting to masturbate
  3. penis
  4. anal sex tv channel
  5. wearing ankle bracelets
  6. porn better than a girlfriend
  7. do it for love
  8. tapeworm rimming
  9. watch free feminist porn
  10. brazilian fart porn with dirty shoe


  1. Yep, we get that — the amusement factor for us lies more in wondering, for example, just who it was who googled the plain and simple “penis” and what it was they were hoping to find…

  2. Goodle is not a magic carpet ride; it sends people to sites that reference the search items. That E&L was the destination Google found speaks interesting things about the site.

    And now I, the boring one, am about to try to sate my lusty appetite by Googling “ice cream vanilla fudge free unlimited.” Couldn’t hurt.

  3. I think that I could have cheerfully lived my life without ever seeing the phrase “tapeworm rimming”. That’s scary.

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