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Econ 101 for the Pickup Scene

image from nDevilTV Economies of Scale is a “theory of seduction” positing that the more you put yourself out there, the better you’ll do. Duh, you say. But, like the greatest economic theories, it gets better as you unpack it. Say you spy the woman/man of your dreams sipping a green-tea latte at the Soy […]

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How to Kiss and Tell

photo by Tuftronic10000 We can’t deny the simple joy of a good, discreet dish session. Follow these rules: No X-rated group emails. Choose one or two close, tight-lipped friends who can keep their mouths shut. A one-night-stand with someone outside your social circle is fair fodder for a slightly wider audience, as are generic and complimentary […]

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How to Have a One-Night Stand in 10 Easy Steps

Yesterday our first weekly column appeared in Metro, the 6th largest circulated newspaper in the U.S., with an audience of more than 1.2 million daily readers in New York, Boston, and Philadelphia. If you’re outside these three cities or missed us on your morning commute, we’ll be reprinting our how-to column, unabridged, every Wednesday. This week’s […]