Wise Guys: How Much Younger Than Him Can a Man Date?

Advice from three of our guy friends. This week a straight woman asks, “How much younger than them do you think most guys are comfortable dating before it becomes embarrassing? Or is there no limit as long as the youngster in question is legal and not a complete airhead?”

Gay Single Guy (Jay Dyckman): Yes, there is an age too young for anyone to date. But I think it happens only after you hit 35. Any dating combo of two people both under 35 (provided both are over 21…yes, 21, not 18) is probably not a big deal. No one really considers themselves that old before hitting 35.

After 35, all bets are off.  If you’re over 35 and you date someone more than 10 years your junior, you will — and rightly so — be mocked (and silently envied) by your friends and enemies for such dating hubris. It will put you squarely in the “oh please” zone. And this goes for both men and women: Dating much younger than yourself connotes a power dynamic that is creepy yet totally gender non-specific.  Both sexes look entirely ridiculous parading their toy around, be it male or female. But if you’re over 35, you can date anyone  — of any age disparity — who is also over 35.  A 65-year-old and 37-year-old?  Sure, why not.

This might seem arbitrary but age designations exist for a reason. The good people of corporate America have decided that once we’re older than 35, we are no longer a desirable marketing demographic.  That’s real science, people. After 35, big age differences are obviously apparent, but both parties have fully exited the nubile stage so no one really cares. You are no longer hip, cool, or capable of dating someone who had an “American Idol”-themed Bar Mitzvah. That’s not to say you shouldn’t do it.  Hell, if someone of the Gen Next persuasion wants to tap your old bones, consider yourself lucky. Besides, anyone who mocks you, well, your old ears won’t be able to hear them anyway so who cares.

Straight Single Guy (Tyler Barnett): For guys in their twenties, like me, up to guys in their mid-thirties, I think the lowest we should go is 21. If I cannot legally have a glass of wine or cocktail with a girl, I don’t want to date her. It’s not that I am some sort of alcoholic or can’t have a good time sober, but there’s something sexy and intimate about sitting in a bar that cannot be substituted by Starbucks or Jamba Juice. It also makes me feel like an old man if I am with someone that has to use a fake ID to buy a beer. Besides, if the girl in question is still in school, the conversation will usually leave something to be desired due to her lack of life experiences and responsibilities — it’s hard to listen to tales of college papers when I’ve got bills to pay and employees to manage, you know? There is a lot to be said for being in the same place in life, age-wise at least. But generally, I think women a good five years younger (so long as they aren’t under 21) work well since women tend to be more mature than us guys. For an older man, say in his forties or fifties, a fifteen year age gap is socially acceptable and generally comfortable. And I think once a woman passes the age of thirty, up to a twenty year difference with an older guy is just fine.

Straight Married Guy (Jim): Come on, give us guys some credit: most of us know there’s a huge difference (emotionally, intellectually, maturity-wise) between someone around our own age and an 18-year-old with AP credit.  She’d have to be a Rhodes Scholar studying quantum physics if the difference in their ages was more than about 25% of his. So, what does he teach?

Our “wise guys” are a rotating group of contributors, some of whom wish to remain anonymous and some of whom like the attention. This week’s Straight Married Guy is Jim from New York, our Gay Guy is Jay Dyckman, an LA copywriter, and our Single Straight Guy is Tyler Barnett, owner of the LA PR firm Barnett Ellman. To ask the guys your own question, click here.


  1. LMFAO

    Absolutely ridiculous. This article clearly demonstrates why advice is utterly worthless and harmful.

  2. I’m 37 and I met the love of my life who just turned 21 about 6 months ago. We had been friends for a year but things slowly developed in to a full fledged romance that neither of us were expecting nor were we looking for it. If you told me 2 years ago, I’d be in a relationship with a 20 year old, I would have spit up my martini from laughing. Life is funny that way and here I am doing just that. I think that is the best way to find love, stop looking for it.

    Neither of us are concerned with the age difference. Fortunately I look young for my age, most people think I’m around 30. But it would not have mattered to her if I did look 37, her words, not mine. I have been with women older than me that are less mature than she is. She really does not behave anything like typical girls her age and that’s why I don’t even ever think of age. We share the same values, goals and enjoy the same activities. She is a perfect match in my opinion. If I was as concerned about the opinions of others I would have lost an opportunity to experience something beautiful and that would be a shame. You can’t choose who you fall in love with despite what people seem to think, so when you do find yourself truly in love, don’t concern with the how, who, why and where. Just accept it and enjoy the rare gift you’ve been given.

  3. I guess 5 to 10 years older won’t be a problem , but 10 years and above might have different perspectives because of age and experience differences. me and my husband have 17 years difference and we have a lot differences , still adjusting the situation but have arguments every week and can’t say as an happy married life. I just want to suggest young ladies not to waste their youth life with the old guys ,, just go for the same age guys ,, same age may be poor and silly but they have the same chemistry and perspectives. So you can adjust with them easily. keep your youth happy life.

  4. I have been Googling this stuff like crazy because it is so new to me. I know a woman who is 23 (I am 51) and I am CRAZY about her. Virtually everyone I’ve dated has been roughly my age. I am not having some sort of midlife crisis and have been generally content all along.

    This woman is hysterical, smart, creative (a poet) and utterly original. I keep telling myself it’s absurd to even entertain the thought of asking her out (I’m pretty sure there is a mutual attraction), but the heart wants what it wants.

    What I need to be sure of (as wisely mentioned above) is that I remain utterly honest and do not assume any sort of Daddy role…. But another thing I like about her is that this unhealthy shit would not even be ALLOWED by her.

    Ultimately, I can absorb all of the advice and study all of the age-formulas there are, but not even TRYING things means huge regrets later.

    Damn the torpedoes, wish me (us) well!

    1. Balderdash to this highly opinionated rhetoric!!!

      Good luck to all of us men who are young at heart and dating a beautiful young woman with a heart of gold. As long as LOVE is the operative word (and not gold), then there is nothing that can turn the ship around.

      Popular opinion (I.e. “approval”) no longer interferes with my most important life decisions.

      I’m 48 and I am deeply in love with my 20-year old future wife. She is the smartest, funniest, most creative, most determined and most loving person I have ever known. Did I mention the most beautiful human being I’ve ever seen? We talk literally every single day for at least 5-6 hours. In less than a year she has already taught me as much about myself and other people than I’ve learned from anybody else in the last twenty years. And I think my experience, knowledge, wisdom, practicality and wit inspire her as much as she inspires me.

      Age difference thresholds? BS! The science on this may one day prove the opposite (based on my research so far 🙂

      Oh I completely forgot to mention that we are very happily crossing arbitrary social lines across race also! 🙂

      I say to my fellow lovers… “vive la différence”!!!

      Never look back once you find it.

  5. Ah, I disagree. I still say no one should be dating anyone more than 10 years older. I don’t care if you’re over 35 or not. And being 38 myself, there is no way in hell I would date someone my father’s age. Really?

    After 35 stay within a 10 year frame. A person within 10 years older or younger is essentially in the same generation as you, the chances you have to explain culture touchstones and references is low, and chances are as well that you won’t look so dramatically older than your partner that it will turn heads.

    A 35 year old and 45 year old, why not?
    A 35 year old and a 65 year old, WTF, no.
    A 45 year old and a 65 year old, NO.

  6. Hi everyone, pls help me out..
    I met this guy at my cousin’s party last saturday night,he is one of my cousin’s old friends.He is 35 and I’m 18, I think I like him but the thing is all of my cousins make fun of me. They say: “Whats wrong with you? that’s nasty, there are a lot of cute guys in university who are better for you..”I feel so bad about that. However, my aunts and my uncles really like him, because he and my cousin been friend for a long time. They said he’s really nice,good looking and he has a good job too, thats why I’m interested in him. Like sometimes, I feel so lonely and I need a boyfriend to support me because my parents are in back home, I came here to study. Plus I dont want to waste my time with a guy who is immature, I’m 18 but Im kinda like really mature like an 25 years old woman. I choose to be in a serious relationship rather than having fun with some other guys at clubs. I dont know what to do, because you know when people ask you about your age and your partner’s age, i dont know how to answer them. I’m scared..they will laugh at me.

  7. Hi, I’m a french guy (english fluent) and if I landed here it’s because I recently fell deeply in love with a girl that is really much younger than I am – actually 40 years younger. Hey, stop, hang in there ! I was willing to find out if other guys ever found themselves in the same situation. My two latest relationships were with girls respectively 22 years and 17 years younger than I am. The one who was 22 years younger than me was Asian, and even looking much younger than that. You could think that an 18 years old girl was dating a 54 years old guy (when going to night clubs security was always asking for her ID!!!). All I have to say about it is these relations were working greatly, whether mentally or physically. We had really good lives and good times, getting along perfectly, having good laughes all the time. I’m young at heart, outgoing, did a lot of sports and dancing (and still do), I’m looking 10 years younger than my real age (well, the girls said that), so… Of course, the stakes are much higher now, but I have to say that I will take a chance, and see what happens. I guess there are no rules, real love should prevail, and whatever people around think and say, I just ignore it. And I guess it’s just the same for the girl I’m planning to ask out. She’s plain tired of guys just trying to take advantage of her physically, forgetting she may also need tenderness and some good care…
    When I was with my latest girlfriend (the one 17 years younger than me), she was sitting on my knees when waiting on the platform or riding the subway in Paris. We were actually behaving a lot like teenagers, but what the heck? Of course we were getting dirty looks. But I just don’t care. It’s just plain jealousy, and all I can wish to these jealous people is to be able to live their relationships as I live mine! Look at all these couples sitting at their table in restaurants, not talking because they have nothing to say anymore! Sorry, I will never get there…

  8. I agree with the article aside from the forgotten mention of future intentions. To great an age difference will play heavily into the potential permanency of a relationship. Marrying someone much greater or lesser in age leaves one of the spouses alone when the other passes on. I can think of no greater pain than the loss of my mate. Still exceptions being the case in every rule, I could understand marrying a person of great age difference in the presence of great love (soul mate), with the pretense that whatever time available would be worth the inevitable pain.

  9. I think a good guideline is half your age plus three (the half your age plus seven thing has been long taken out of context, it was meant in Victorian times to be the IDEAL age of a bride, not the youngest she could be), although there are some exceptions. However, although I’m very accepting and tolerant of age gaps, there are limits, and younger people have less wiggle room. For example, although there’s nothing wrong with a 30 year old dating a 17 year old, a 17 year old dating a 10 year old is just plain wrong. When they’re really young, the limits are even narrower (let’s assume “date” in this scenario means going to an amusement park together), a 12 year old shouldn’t feel that way about a 6 year old, but they’re close enough in age that to feel that way about a 9 year old is just fine.

    Now, going up the ladder some, I think that once you get past 21, guidelines are just guidelines. I know a 24 year old woman who is with a 54 year old man. I see nothing wrong with it, although normally that would seem a bit much. I think that 40 is the age where there’s less upper limit for dating, not exactly 35 (to me, 35 and 80 seems a bit much, but 40 and 80 isn’t). And believe it or not, I think the same rules can be applied with younger guys dating older women, but with one additional factor. If he wants kids, he shouldn’t date a woman older than 40 or 41. Reason being, unless they behave sexually like high school or college aged kids, a few years will pass before they are in that situation to have kids, and I usually don’t reccomend getting a woman older than 45 pregnant.

  10. So a 30 yr old woman with a 11 and 8 yr old boys father knocks up a 21 yr old girl . After taking a break he stated mess with get at 19. They were messin around for about 2 years . Although continuing a stable strobg close family bond environment for their kids I not knowing anything about her and still loving him finds out in a email that she’s 4 months pregnant and I should move on . Hurt and in shock I of feared fir my family and decided to grow up and fight for them. This girl has agreed that he can’t give her what’s she wants because his kids come first and him being an active full time father. Although not together having love for the mother of his kids he kept her secret for that 2 year time. The young girl had no family and clearly is going to rely on him as this situation grows Trying 2 act grown sent email wanting to contact the mother and claiming that they are still together. During her 4 months if pregnancy he tried to explain his position that he will never be with her cuz of his commitment to his children, he’s hurting his childrens mother and could risks his kids cuz of her and this baby , also he is in no financial position to have another child she agreed and still want to have her baby. I’m crushed and he has already admitted that thus us a mistake but he had to deal with it. His has taken the very badly cuz they share a close relationship with her and the children . Not raising kids to gave babies all over his father says she’s not welcomed right now cuz of the children and me. After the breakdown of seeing the emails we’ve had sex a few times already which confirms that this relationship wasn’t serious though i kno it will be a tuff road accepting this child and having to eventually tell our kids not anytime soon we’ve chosen to let them be happy right now cuz they are too schedule. I kno I must accept this but I’m not ready yet. If I want my family back which I do I have to act grown and be patient She was messin wit her at 19 he is to Blame and he’s has admitted it … I have reason to want him and my family we love our kids he messed up and is going to do the right thing .right now I kno he’s not with her it about this kid I’m being positive and I have the family support although we are nit together he does love me and I know it he is a great father we need a break but not a break for this to happen this situation won’t go away but it can make us fir the better— some advice please?? 🙂

  11. Dating is one thing but, what about “Forever”?

    I am in this “situation” (Interesting choice of words I know)… me 52 / her 30. (Most assume 40/30 when they meet us) We are in an amazing relationship approaching our 1st anniversary. Neither of us has ever been this happy. The next step in our relationship evolution would be to cohabitate. There is hesitation on both parts at this point as we both understand that we face a major “deal-breaker”…

    … As I’m sure is the case with most 30 yr old women, she wants and deserves a family. I on the other hand, share the feelings of most fifty-something men… I don’t want to do that again at my age.

    I understand and believe that all men are most attracted to the “Light” of a woman and that generally that light is brighter in younger women. I am captivated by her light… she consistently and absolutely lights up the room and that is becoming a rare feminine attribute. The other side of the coin is that generally, women are attracted to a solid presence and the other attributes that a mature but physically viable man brings to the table. In short… 50/30 makes a great deal of sense.

    So, why am I writing this… to elicit thoughts and ideas, to help myself to make sense of it and to help figure out my next move. My gut says, step up and free her from this emotional hell. My heart says this is too good to loose. What do you think?

  12. I don’t feel age should ever be an issue. But then again I wouldn’t since I was 18 when I started dating my ex-husband who was 31 at the time. Obviously it didn’t last, but we have remained close friends. And no, I wasn’t simply ‘arm candy’ nor did was I ever treated that way.
    In general there are plenty of immature older men and women, just as there are plenty of mature young men and women. In the end it isn’t really age that matters but experience.

  13. Well I am a 72 year old female and very attracted to a 30 year old man. As a woman once told me – when you’re young you can make money on it. When you’re middle aged, you have to give it away. When you’re old you have to buy it back and you know what? I don’t mind buying it back. Very few women can .. it’s usually the men who buy it back. Fortunately, I still have a good paying job and have been told I look 50 which, by the way, is my Daughter’s age. He knows my true age too. hahaha – dream on, people !

  14. As long as the woman knows what she is getting into, is not being LIED to (which is SO common in these relationships, from both of them) and knows he usually wants her for arm candy and consents to that shit, I guess it’s OK.

    I know some relationships where the man and woman are 10 year apart, give or take, but most farther apart than 10 year don’t last. As long as the woman knows it’s a “play” relationship and that is usually won’t amount to much……

    I know SOME work out, but usually the man moves on to a younger woman when the girl gets mature. (And gets suddenly on to him.) At least, that’s what I have seen.

    I wonder what people in these relationships TALK about? What common interests do they have? If an older person tries too hard to be interested in too much of young people’s interests, it’s just pathetic, (look at a 65 year old guy at a Panic at the Disco! concert. Sad.) and I imagine a man who wants a very young girl would be turned off if she was sophisticated enough to be interested in HIS interests. Unless he’s really immature, I can’t imagine there would be a lot of common ground.

    I am sure in SOME relationships it works, but those are the exceptions, at least from what I have seen.

  15. In about 50 years or less, technology will have advance so much that it will be posible to keep a body from aging beyond 25, the physical peak in human aging.

    Under those circumstances, imagine, how could we tell a person’s age, perhaps by his/her experience? Imagine in about 200 years, when 25 year old will be 25, but the rest of humanity will be 25 plus, so you could be dating a girl that is 25 year old in looks, but perhaps 100 years old, and vice versa.

    The only way to die in the future would be as a victim of a bad accident, or homicide, but no death by natural causes.

    Seems like fiction, and it is under today’s standards, like it was once living beyond the age of 30 ( in Roman times ) or fixing a compound fracture and walk normally again.

    What would stop a 140 year old and a 27 year old from loving each other when both will look 25?

    Too bad we will not get there in time, unless we freeze ourselves…… another topic altogether.

  16. Age plays into you are as young as you act. As a 53 year guy, using my buddies formula of 1/2 +10 seems like a close balance for getting along, That would put me with 37 year olds and there’s plenty in common at that level to make that work. If the guy can preform and keep up, his maturity might be appreciated by the younger mate. Time will tell.

  17. Age should not be an issue in a mature and serious relationship. I am 37 and my guy is 61. We can talk about anything under the sun and sex is just fantastic. It’s so intellectually, emotionally and physically stimulating. Of course, we were both initially scared of the reaction from friends or people who see us but then we both decided that what we feel for each other is more important than what people will say.

    Like what Lo-ND says, being with a mature guy has its unique advantages foremost of which is being treated like a princess. Plus, I don’t have to deal with ego-massaging because the guy has already proved himself and is self-assured. He is financially established and has the time in the world for me. He is a friend, a lover, a mentor rolled into one. I can’t ask for anything more!!

    So between a guy my age and an older one, I prefer the older guy anytime.

  18. Why do you worry about it? If your an old guy with a young woman your friends will envy you, old ladies will hate both of you and everyone will want to BE you! I think I can talk for most women, if a woman is into you age doesn’t really matter, it even ceases to be a number – older guys need to be aware of the ones who are milking (literally maybe) for what she can get, and the real ladies who just like to be with you… I love attractive older me, they are secure in themselves and like to treat me like a lady – but then I also like the young ones who are on top of it all and just want to go have fun all night a screw all day… I don’t much care for middle aged men, most are too needy or trying to prove something… And most are married and in hiding when were together – you older guys are actually a prize to be had in most cases… Don’t worry about what’s an acceptable age difference – just keep lots of viagra on hand ; ) – love ya, Lo

  19. I feel very funny about saying this and I am freaked out on this subject. It started when I was 65 yrs. old. Yes this true. I meet this Lady by luck ,we talked and laught alot. She did not believe my age she asked me to show her my drivers license and I did. She was 42 yrs old. After a month of seeing each other She moved in by me. My 4 sons and their wifes meet her and my 5 grand daughters. To my suprise every one loved it. Only my sons and their friends rib me about it alot and ask how I do it. I tell them she must be blind and deaf and dumb. After 4yrs. I broke up with her. She was really beautifull,Really! I didn’t want to ruin her life she deserved beter I felt. Eight months later I meet another. She was 45 and I was 70, same as before didn’t believe my age. Yes she meet my sons and their family and they liked her alot. She got serious and I told I didn”t want to ruin her life. She said that she would have a good 20 yrs with me and I said too her not with you and she bust out laughting. I broke that off and in many ways I feel that I screwed up! I’m now 72 and still have this problem. Yes I’m lonely I have alot of lady friends and am invited to alot of gatherings, but I don’t date any more. My granddaughters and daughter in-laws te me that these ladies want them to introduce them to me. No, I don’t feel it is right. I have a battle going inside of me.

  20. Should you care about an age difference? and whats all this talk about whats creepy/ if you love somone thats incredable, most people never find true unconditional love, im 44 and my girlfriend is 20 so if you think im a creep ,go to hell, mind your own bussiness and enjoy playing ebox ,your super sized meals , and everything else that you get when you are involved with a under 30 year old imature jackass

  21. There is a saying among my (almost senior) age group of women (and yes, it is cynical): An older (much older than 35) man is looking for either a purse or a nurse. When a man is 40 and a woman 21 or 25, there is still vitality on both sides. But look out when the man ages 15 or 20 yrs down the road. I know of a few May (female) – Dec (male) combinations, where the woman matured and just plain got tired of the old guy — then took him for every penny. So think twice and don’t be blinded by youth/beauty.

  22. I really think it’s not an age thing so much as how you look together. If you are a young-looking thirty-something+ and your girl is in her twenties, as long as you don’t look like grandpa, you’re ok. But the maturity thing is important too. Also, what happens in the sack is important as well, because if you both have no chemistry, you’re screwed…

  23. I agree with Publius (among others) in that there are a host of factors other than chronological age which can make a relationship viable or not. That make it creepy or not. However, the post above notes that while “A serious girl of 18 can date a man of 40 without issue… there are so few mature 18 year olds that perhaps serious dating is not likely.” Fortunately there are more than enough immature 40 year old men to make such a pairing feasible. Though still creepy.

  24. Age is but a number.

    Maturity is another matter completely. A serious girl of 18 can date a man of 40 without issue. But truth be the matter, there are so few mature 18 year olds that perhaps serious dating is not likely. No reason to not have a fun date to share time and learn if compatibility is possible.

    I also think a woman of 60 who feels and acts young should not be dissuaded from dating a man of 30. Women can find their inner youth and retain it much longer if they desire.

    The real problem is the common experience question. A generation apart makes that more difficult, but if one partner is truly interesting in learning through the other, a beautiful relationship can be made.

    So a 60 year old woman, who still knows how to turn heads, should not care if those heads are 80 or 20. If she has it, flaunt and flirt.

    An older man needs to be careful not to be a father-figure, but a true partner. If he is dating the much younger, he needs to ensure he is making her life everything she wants it to be. And he needs to be sure she will be taken care of when he eventually dies first.

    True love knows no age. that is but a number in the wind.

  25. I think is a way to make people feel prematurely aged. On occassion, I find myself (I’m 39, my wife is 27) in bars full of people between 21 and 30. NONE of them can keep up with me (neither can my wife). I drink, dance, act like a complete idiot and, when the bar closes at 2:00am, I invite a dozen people (yes, we already know most of them) back to our place to keep the party going. They’re always gone or passed out by 6:00am. Around 10:00, I start waking those who remain to go get breakfast. I have not yet been asleep.

    I will accept criticism of living in spite of a number if, when I can no longer do this, I keep trying to do it, anyway. Then I’ll change demographics, and make those closer to me in age feel like they’re ancient. And no, there are no red convertables or comb-overs in my life, or in my future.

  26. pish posh. why, as a young attractive female in her early 20s, would I go for a guy much older than me? I agree there is a maturity gap between men and women in my age range, but I’d rather casually date and then look for a relationship with someone around my actual age when I’m nearing 30. Guys will be guys–you can’t expect THAT to change with a 5 or even 10 year age gap.

  27. I first heard the (age/2)+7 rule from the woman who teaches cougar classes. (I read it on the internet – I haven’t taken a class in cougaring yet.) Her point was that if women followed that rule in choosing their young lovers, they would be less likely to be older than the young’un’s mother. Let’s see… does it work? 40 and 27. OK. 50 and 32. Borderline. 60 and 37. Lots of moms would be younger than the cougar. But that cougar would have to be pretty hot!

  28. XKCD’s formula’s pretty great but I’m more impressed with Jay Dyckman’s answer. Not least about the way society writes you off past age 35.

    For the record it’s not that people aren’t still sexy, let alone(!!!) sexual after 35. It’s just that nobody’s really trying to police you. (Well, there *was* that bill introduced in Massachusetts to extend child-sex and child-pornography laws to “protect” everyone over 60. 60!!! But in committee it seems to have died the humiliating death it deserved.)

    Anyway, Dyckman’s also right that after 35 pretty much *everyone* agrees you’re an adult and thus capable of making your own decisions. Also, more importantly, of not really caring so much what other people think.

    Good question, great answer.


  29. I agree – if it is a serious relationship, then what other people think should not matter a bit! As long as you get along well and there is no power struggle, then why not?

    I started dating the love of my life just before I turned 18 (met when I was 17). He is 5 years older than me, and never has there been a time when we didn’t click because of the slight age difference. [Granted, the legal drinking age where we live is 18… HA HA! ;)]

  30. What does it matter, as long is the relationship is based on genuine compatibility?

    I say this as I am in my mid-20’s but am dating a man 26 years older than me. We have many common interests and we’re pretty much happy all the time. Initially, I think some of my friends were creeped out by me dating someone so much older than me, but they’ve all gotten to know him and think he’s an awesome guy – now they just complain that I never have anything to contribute during bitching-about-relationships sessions. His social circle has been very accepting of me as well.

    Dating someone younger for the trophy aspect is creepy, but if two people just work well together, there’s no sense in saying no to a great relationship because of age.

  31. Dating or relationship?

    Dating – I agree with some of the above.

    Relationship – if you’re serious then who the hell cares what ‘they’ say?

  32. Ooh! I have to bring up this, then. while not immutable, is a fairly decent rule of thumb for when you’re trying to decide, “is this creepy?”


    For those iffy on following a link, the XKCD standard creepiness rule:
    Don’t date under [(age/2)+7].

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