5 Reasons to Wear Lingerie (Especially If You’re Not the Type)

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We are not ones to put more undue pressure on women (or men for that matter, though they could use some more time in high heels) to live up to some unrealistic ideal of style and beauty. If you’re comfortable in an old worn oversized cotton t-shirt, awesome! But if good sex is often about trying new things, pushing your boundaries, breaking taboos, making yourself blush, and avoiding habits and ruts, then switching things up every once in a while in the bedroom is essential. And dressing up for sex is a simple and easy way to do just that.

  1. Fantasy: Why do we watch big Hollywood blockbusters and read epic novels? Why do we watch porn and read erotica? To temporarily escape to other worlds that are more dramatic, more exciting, and sexier! Why do we dress up for Halloween? So we can pretend we’re someone we’re not for an evening. Lingerie and sexy sleepware can work the same way, especially if wearing it is not something you normally do. It’s the mildest, least embarrassing form of roleplaying there is.
  2. Modesty: Yes, you read that right. If you tend to be a little shy when it comes to being naked, or are insecure about a part of your body (even though you shouldn’t be!), then lingerie can actually embolden you by giving you a bit of cover or support. Remember, a lot of sexy stuff can happen without the lingerie ever coming off.
  3. Generosity: It’s nice to be a giving lover, to think about what your partner would enjoy and then give it to them (even if it’s not your number one favorite thing to do). We’re not saying you should ever do anything you don’t want to do, but something you think is merely silly might be the ultimate in sexy to your partner. Would it be so bad to make their day in that way every once in a while? And we’re not just talking to the ladies. A nice pair of boxer briefs instead of those baggy boxers (or whatever Ryan Gosling wears to bed) might be a nice change of pace.
  4. Confidence: Like any piece of clothing, if you find something that fits well, isflattering, feels good against your skin and thus makes you feel good, you’ll have more confidence in bed. And when you have more confidence in bed, you have a better time in bed — and so does your partner.
  5. Ceremony: By dressing up for sex, even if it’s just on special occasions, you honor the sex as a sacred event. You’re a goddess (or god) who deserves to be worshipped, body and soul. What you’re sharing is important and meaningful. By wearing something nice, you’re expressing your respect for the union at hand.

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