6 Ways to Stimulate Your Senses During Sex

LELO_Accessories_INTIMA_product-1_red_2x_01. Wear a Blindfold

You could light some candles or twist in a red lightbulb to alter the visuals. It would be a good idea to go for candles, especially the ones that are fragrant. Many studies reveal that scent can have an impact on sexual experience. Though you may not notice it instantly, you could feel the changes in your mood after some time. Moreover, decades of research show that when it comes to mating, humans tend to follow their noses. So, how about lighting a tealight in an elegant wax melt burner (for a more dramatic effect)? Put some romantic music on and that is it! However, do not stop at that! Because the most dramatic thing you can do with your sight is to turn it off. In doing so, all your other senses will be enhanced: you’ll hear your own breathing, taste the salty-sweet sweat of your partner’s skin, smell the clean notes of their body soap, and feel their every caress MORE. You could just close your eyes, but there’s always the temptation to peek. With a blindfold, you don’t have a choice — and with limitation, ironically, comes liberation. Go for something soft and opaque and be sure to tie the knot on the side, so your partner doesn’t have to lie on an uncomfortable nubbin. The purpose-made blindfolds, like LELO’s silk “Intima,” look less kidnapping victim, more hot Ana-Steele-style submissive.


2. Insert Ear Buds

Headphones are the next step, after blindfolds, on the sensory deprivation ladder. Anything from white noise to relaxing nature sounds to the official soundtrack to the “Fifty Shades” book series (which includes all the classical songs the characters copulated to in the books) to Insane Clown Posse (if that’s your thing) will help set, if not the mood, then a mood. Whether you employ headphones or even just earplugs, you’ll be deprived of aural clues and distractions, insulating yourself from sounds like your breathing, the smack of a warm hand hitting your skin, the dog barking, etc. — all of which restricts your ability to anticipate touch. You can only speak when spoken to, and you can only be spoken to when your partner chooses to lean in real close and liberate one ear. This will help you focus on your other senses, especially touch.


LELO_Femme-Homme_LILY-2_product_plum3. Assign Certain Scents Just for Sex

With your sense of smell tied so powerfully to your memory, a scent associated with an ex-lover (e.g. the best you’ve ever had), a favorite vacation destination (e.g. Paris), a certain type of sex (e.g. kinky or romantic), or even a particular position (e.g. from behind) will forever transport you back to that sensual space and time every time you get a whiff of it. So it’s worth introducing new scents to your sex sessions on a regular basis: a perfume or cologne, a new deodorant or nice-smelling shampoo, a scented candle or massage oil. LELO makes a combination “Flickering Touch” massage-candle in three sophisticated scents: Vanilla & Creme de Cacao, Black Pepper & Pomegranate, and Snow Pear & Cedarwood. LELO even makes a scented vibrator! The new Lily 2 – a discrete, waterproof pebble vibe with 8 powerful vibe settings (pictured here) — comes in fresh, romantic aphrodisiac scents with relaxing notes: Bordeaux & Chocolate, Rose & Wisteria, or Lavender & Manuka Honey. Unplug it from its USB-charger, give it a whirl under your sniffer, then a swirl down below — whether alone or pressed between two bodies during lovemaking. It’s like subtle, sexy smelling salts for sex!


4. Brush Your Teeth Before Oral

Don’t even bother with the flavored lubes or chocolate body paint at novelty stores — chances are they’ll taste terrible. Better to go with a sip of nice champagne or a bite of fine dark chocolate before a kiss. One of the simplest ways to improve taste — and smell — during sex is to brush your teeth right beforehand. The minty-ness might give your partner a little tingle on their naughty bits, but more importantly, it’ll give your saliva a much nicer scent — crucial for your partner when you’re slobbering all over their mouth; critical for you when you’re slobbering all over their genitals. Any unpleasantness you might detect is much more likely your own bad breath rather than their junk.


LELO_Accessories_TANTRA_product-1_purple_2x_05. Apply New & Unexpected Textures

Are you bare down there? Grow back your bush for the winter! Have you always rocked a full 70s carpet? Then wax it all off for a change! Are your sheets 100% cotton? Invest in some silk ones. Grab an ice cube from your cocktail on a hot summer day and awaken sleepy nips. Apply the patterned rubber of a ping pong paddle to the fleshy parts of your luvva’s ass. Gently – and we mean gently – trace your partner’s curves while palming a sheet of soft sandpaper. Or go with something more deliberate: LELO makes a nice little affordable feather teaser that elevates your texture play from D.I.Y. to D.I.Sigh. (We’ll be here all week, folks!)


6. Touch Overlooked Body Parts

Someone once told us that the body parts with the least amount of hair have the most nerve endings. To prove whether that’s true – at least for you – you can conduct a fun little experiment: compare and contrast the sensations evoked from stroking barer skin – like the ears, the collarbone, the hip bone, the inner thigh, the back of the knees – with those sensations evoked from more hirsute areas. Whether or not one type is better than the other, it’ll just be nice and novel to deliberately touch spots that might often get overlooked in the heat of the moment. But one surefire way to guarantee that the hairiest part of your body wins the sensitivity contest? Have your partner use the Tingler on your scalp during foreplay — you’ll find goosebumps in places you didn’t even know you had goosebumps!

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