Baby Talk in Bed Helps My Tough Guy Get in Touch with His Feminine Side

Reader Misty Marie posted the following in response to our post “Baby Talk: Intimacy Tool or Just Plain Gross?” It’s kind of an intense story, and we think she’s pretty brave for sharing it. Sure, maybe you couldn’t stand sleeping with a misogynist who treated you like this, and maybe some women would completely lose their sense of self in this kind of relationship. But Misty Marie seems happy and confident and, most importantly, in control — so does that make it alright? Leave your response in the comments section below.

My boyfriend is very masculine. He doesn’t say whittle, or titty-witties, but there’s a way he says Papa in bed in the third person. It’s really more like Pap-pa. Really hard consonants,like you’d say to a 3-year-old when you’re teaching a child how to speak. He likes me to call him “daddy” in bed, too, which is definitely role-playing… I think its super hot! It inspires dominance, and lets him dominate me sexually. He’s a SERIOUS misogynist. I’m trying to help him with it, (poor, pitiful male thing) and giving him a sexual outlet for his misogyny seems to actually help him. His rhetoric about the female has improved, and I really do my best to challenge him during conversations that are out of the bedroom. However, in bed, he wants to be in control. The tone and pitch that he uses in bed with me is the tone a father might use with a child. But what I’m getting out of it is his leadership and domination, and when I let him HAVE that, it seems to even out the battle of the sexes that we’re constantly having when we’re NOT in bed.

I’ve been secretly recording our sex on my phone. Not video. Just audio. The reason why I do this is because I LOVE hearing what he says to me. He’s really VERY ROMANTIC with what he says. But, he doesn’t say what I wanna hear until after he beats me. So…I’m addressing the connection between the BDSM sex stuff, and the baby-talk stuff.

He ties me up, and beats me with either a belt or a cat’o’nine tails.
I’m really taking it for the team, girls. But, after a certain point, he FEELS for me. This is what I’ve been WORKING with him on for the past two years. When he FEELS for me, he can move past his misogyny to the part of himself which is romantic and empathetic and caring and loving.

This is when he does the baby talking.

He would kill me if he knew I was telling you this. But I wanted to talk about it because I think there’s some catharsis in baby talk. I think that some men need to be nurturing and caring, but they have some trouble with expressing it, partially because of how they’re raised. Baby talk helps them to express things that they can’t express in their lower, masculine voice. It helps them to say the things you wanna hear.

(P.S. Girls…Don’t worry about me getting beaten. I’m kinda into it. Read Fifty Shades of Grey if you’re unfamiliar with the combination of sex and pain.)

Here’s some examples of things he might say in baby talk during sex:

1) Are you gonna come for Pap-pa?
2) Are you my babe-be?
3) That’s my good girl.
4) That’s it.
5) Does that feel good, baby?
6) Do you like that?
7) Tell me.
8) Say it.
9) Say, “That feels good, Daddy.”
10) Say, “Don’t stop, Daddy!”
11) You like that, don’t you, babe-be.
12) Does that feel good?
13) You like that?
14) That’s good.
15) That’s my girl.
16) Come for Pap-pa.
17) That’s it.
18) Are you ok?
19) You want some more?
20) Then, suck it.
21) SUCK it.
22) Do it for Daddy.
23) Should I get my belt?
24) Are you gonna suck it good for me?
25) Where’s my belt.
26) You better suck it good, or I’m gonna get you in the bum-bum.
27) You want it in the ass?
28) Turn around.
29) Turn around!
30) I’ll be nice.
31) I’m not gonna hurt you.
32) I love you.
33) Now turn around.
34) Be a good girl for Pap-pa.
35) That’s it.
36) That’s my good girl.
37) Are you ok?
38) Do you like that?
39) Does that feel good?
40) That’s it.
41) That’s my girl.
42) Say, Thank-you, Daddy!
43) Say, I like it, Daddy!
44) You like it, babe-be?
45) Say, Thank-you, Daddy…

Etc. You can tell it’s pretty hot. Like I said, he’s not saying tittie-witties, or wittle or anything weird. He’s just sort of role-playing a father figure and talking to me like a child. I’m 40 years old. He’s 52. But when he talks to me this way, as you can see, it makes me want to please him. The sex is PHENOMENAL. It can’t be done better.

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  1. i think if most men were honest they would admit that playing daddy and daughter sex games turns them on and is a fantasise of theirs, but must men are to ashamed to admit it or dont have a girlfriend/wife who will play the role with him, fortunitly my gf does and when she dresses like a little girl and calls me daddy while im fucking her drives me crazy, luckily it turns her on to

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