Comment: My Neighbors Judge Me But This Site Doesn’t

The following letter broke our hearts a little, while also making our week. In the spirit of the new year, we have both been attempting to catalog the things we are grateful for, and this letter made us grateful for the following things: 1) Readers who like us, who really like us! 2) Husbands and neighbors and friends who support what we do for a living (“living” being a fairly euphemistic term, sometimes). 3) Prostates. 4) This reader’s awesome wife.

hi em and lo. i am so glad that some one is lifting the lid on taboo subjects regarding sex. i am married with two kids and a number of years ago my name was damaged due to a devious brother in law who made up stories and caused a lot of pain and suffering in my life. many friends turned their backs on me and a majority of people felt I was living a double life assuming I was gay.

I have no problem with people being gay but if your straight then there is a problem.I was reading about the male orgasam and decided to try prostate massage and somehow this got out. you wouldn’t believe what I have to put up with and still to this day. my whole life has changed now and not many people bother with me. i used to have a great social life…used to. The ignorance around this topic is unreal.

i know this is normal but others haven’t figured this out yet and label you in the wrong. my wife tells me to take no notice and forget about it but its not easy sometimes.i would like to say thanks for the wonderful work that you are doing. every little helps to change the consciousness of the planet.

— #1 Fan of Em & Lo & Prostate Massage


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  1. It truly is a shame that exploration of human sexuality is met with such derision and ostracization. I feel so lucky to have a fiancée that is open minded and fun loving as I assume the writers wife is. I feel it strengthens our relationship to explore and enjoy each other without worrying about societies rules for normality. In the end, some people never seem to get beyond awkward teenage social mores and wreak havoc on people’s lives who are of no concern of theirs. I hope this man continues to get loving support from his wife and he finds newer more mature friends (and family members that get over their own immaturity).

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