Comment of the Week: Bring Back the Bush

When it comes to pubic grooming, whatever makes you feel sexy and confident is what you should do. But in an age when the majority people feel hair removal is a moral imperative — that you’re skanky and lazy if you don’t — you may feel like you don’t have much choice in the matter. Which is why it’s nice to hear from the minority from time to time:

Glad this has come up! I have been absolutely mystified why removing one’s pubic hair could ever be thought of as sexy! Back in the 70’s many women were  fighting with the docs to NOT shave us when we gave birth as it was viewed by us to be degrading and about men wanting us to look like children, it did not reduce infection rates, but INCREASED them; we interpret the practice as one of an attempt to DE-sex us. It was an issue of who controlled our bodies. We thought that guys who were into their women sporting what are now called “brazillians” were closet pedophiles, and we were horrified. We were comfortable with our bodies; pubic hair our southern crowning glory…the curls that we and our lovers toyed with, the shine, the “real” blondes, not wearing panties and feeling the sexiness of the feel of summer breezes tickling our airy furbelows. Razor stubble, wax burns and red infected skin bumps are NOT sexy. The time it takes could be put to better use pleasuring ourselves or our lovers; that part of our body should be treated to as much pleasure and fun as possible. Waxing, shaving lasering = NOT FUN.

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  1. I refused to shave for the longest time. I was personally against it and thought it was unnecessary and uncomfortable. However, I feel the same way about oral sex. I still will only trim but that’s mainly because I’m worried about what my potential partner might think. I’m very self-conscious.

  2. All I have to say is I don’t appreciate it when I go down on my boyfriend and get a load of hairs in the back of my throat, so I make him trim it down there. Why shouldn’t I do the same for him? (By the way, he doesn’t like the “bare” look, but instead prefers it to be a little hairy)

  3. Why does everyone keep framing this as only an aesthetic issue. It is that (and like most guys, I much much much prefer nicely trimmed, NOT BALD), but this also has to do with how much nicer it is to kiss and feel as much as it’s nicer to look at. It is nicer to look at, too, but that’s only part of the equation.

    Of course it’s okay to do whatever you want with your own pubic hair, but guys generally like some trimming, and I’ve heard them talk about being bummed out/grossed out by women with full bushes. Call them boys or paedos or whatever you may, but if you don’t trim, you will put off a good chunk of the male population.

    Is it just because it’s the pubic area in question that men aren’t allowed to have any sort of preference here? We like shaved legs, too, for the most part. Is that just as wrong? There are probably guys who like a woman with big, bushy leg hair, but I’ve never met one.

  4. Well, having tried it both ways (back in my younger days, shaving what showed beyond your panties was all that was required)I can say that nearly bare feels a lot better, and a lot cleaner. (I know, people say you’re more at risk for infection with less hair, but I don’t know anyone who’s had that happen). Of course, it’s a pain to maintain, but so are pedicures, blow drying ones’s hair, and putting on make-up every morning. Yeah, those are optional, too, but I like the results.

  5. My impression is that this is a hugely age-related thing. In the end I think it comes down to the styles have changed and the younger generation, as usual, doesn’t want to look like their parents.

    The odd thing here is that porn seems to have shaped the fashion, but the original reason for shaving in porn was probably related to making it easier to take a picture.

  6. While it is quite true that a surprisingly large number of women look good with either a shaven head or a very short butch cut, most do not. Equally true, while many women look good with hair that looks as if they had just fallen out of bad, most do not.

    Most adult men don’t give a damn.If you have one who does care…well, it’s pretty silly. Most men like women with both short and long hair, because most men like most naked women. Heterosexuality is funny that way.

    There is probably a moral here somewhere.

  7. Unless you’re a man named Rosa, I wasn’t talking about you – read more carefully. I said that MEN who prefer bush are a minority. Not SOME hair, mind you – lots of men prefer SOME hair. I mean men who prefer completely ungroomed, fully natural bush are a minority. And I stand by that.

    As for your stinging personal attacks, I am unmasked! How did you know I’m a 12-year old computer nerd “mascarading” online as a grown man? My preference for groomed pubes must have given me away.

  8. “We thought that guys who were into their women sporting what are now called “brazillians” were closet pedophiles, and we were horrified.”

    Hmmm …. funny how the most ridiculous arguments are always the ones that stick … seriously, is there any real (like, scientific, non-paid and peer-reviewed in an at least decent journal) study about a correlation between pedos and men that like shaved genitals? I know of none. Frankly, that you (!) thought that it is that way tells the reader more about you than about people that like brazilian.

    This is generally something that I do not like at all about the arguments of the non-brazilian fraction – that they always try to imply (or explicitly say, in some cases) that liking shaved genitals is in some way morally wrong, while they know the right and ‘natural’ way.

  9. Who says we are the minority? You guys should get a life – not all women allow their tastes to be dictated by the porn industry, or boys who mascarade as men.

  10. Liking a woman to be shaved, trimmed or waxed down there, and wanting her to look like a child, are not at all the same thing. The commenter may have thought that guys who were into their women sporting what are now called “brazilians” were closet pedophiles, but she thought wrong.

    I like that my partner is a fully mature, adult woman. And I also like that she doesn’t have hair down there, blocking the view, getting in the way, or interfering with the sensation of skin on skin contact.

  11. It should also be pointed out that there’s a whole group of men out there who are into that. Otherwise there wouldn’t be natural bush porn.

    These men are a minority, as you can infer from the scant number of bush videos, and their placement in the wierdo fetish section of your local porn store. But hey, they’re out there.

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