Your Call: Do All Young Men Shave Their Chests Now?

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Dear Em & Lo,

Are all men in their 20s (and maybe 30s) expected to shave/wax/remove their chest hair these days? Same goes for pubes? What percentage of the population does both these things?

— Fur-ious

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  1. I’m female and I don’t like it when men shave their chests. And I def can’t keep a straight face if I notice they have shaved their legs. Wtf. Now if you have thick hair on your back, I get it, I’d prob get rid of that too if I found it disturbing and i noticed it disturbed others. But generally: All the young (and old) men out there: Stop shaving, please! You look ridiculous! And it feels terrible. If you want to trim your pubes go ahead but leave the rest. Waxed male genitalia looks and feels like a Sphynx cat. Now who wants one of those as a pet? When unsure, go with nature and trust it sorta knew what it was doing when it designed your fur. Finally, the same thing goes for men as for women who are high maintenance: The more focus on the outside, the less substance on the inside and the more insecure. At the end of the day, you can’t fake hotness. Being comfortable in your own skin and (healthy ) body, the way it was made (cave man or unable to grow a beard) is a major turn on.

  2. I had a halloween costume (a dress) last year that required me to shave my chest.
    After keeping it shaved, along with my legs for several months after, I’ve decided to let it grow back, but, not all the way. That includes everything pubic etc…
    There’s a point where stubs are painful and itchy and it’s just long enough to show.
    Using an electric shaver with a #2 comb on it works great.

    I never liked how my hair stuck out at my neckline.

  3. As a man in his early 40’s with quite a bit of body hair (including the tops of my feet and toes), I can’t imagine shaving my chest regularly. I also don’t know anyone who does this, although to be honest I haven’t asked. I do shave my face.

    I’ll chalk this up to “I get to do whatever I want with my body hair and my partner gets to do whatever she wants with hers”.

  4. Nope. I know a few young guys who don’t trim at all. My personal preference is trim, don’t shave. I like some hair, but anything at the sweater or sandpaper ends of the spectrum doesn’t feel good. Not that I dislike a bare chest per se. I have found some guys who naturally lack hair to be very sexy. But I’m an odd little bird in many ways, so my taste is hardly exemplary of what most young women expect. And I’m not so young anymore.

  5. I think it’s preferable if a guy trims things and keeps it neat. Total sasquatch mode grosses me out but I also think it’s a little odd if a guy has no body hair.

  6. I’m curious to know the answer to this too. Back in the day I shaved my pubes off a few times and women at the time said it was too much. They preferred a neat trim, which is what I’ve sported ever since. That was many years ago, so female consensus may have changed since then.

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