Poll: How Do You Wear Your Hair Down There?


  1. I’m one of the only 8% au naturel and my BF is one of the 5% of men who don’t do anything down there (by this poll anyway) .. I have to say, I don’t get the fascination with trimming and shaving… I like my man to look like a man and that means hair, and he likes me to look like a grown woman so my hair stays too.. If it was particularly wayward I might consider a trim for swimming costumes etc but i’m not especially hirsute so even that isn’t necessary and I personally like the look of it just as it grows :0) .. We’re both clean and we both love giving oral sex, and trust me hair is the last thing on my mind when I have his balls in my mouth.. ;0) and am I the only one who thinks shaved balls look like naked mole rats..? (google them and you’ll see what I mean ;0) )

  2. I only c my boyfriend once a week so if I shave it all off b4 I see him then it is more sensitive and the rest of the week I let it grow and do it all over again. He loves it.

  3. i think that no hair is better b/c again no hair in mouth!!! and if women keep it shaved, there is no smell!!! But I prefer to use a hair removing cream, like nair or veet……no cuts, no itching, no nasty, painful pimples!!! AND NO WAXING!!!Owwwwww!!! I would kill the person daring to wax my pussy!!!!! But, the cream work for men too!! My husband uses it….well, I do it for him…..and he says the bj’s and the sex in general has never been better! For the itching when it starts to grow back, try Vagisil, a vaginal anti-itch cream…again my husband uses that too for the itching….IT REALLY WORKS!! Or any other genital anti-itch cream/wipes work too!!

  4. People it better to trim it and shave it all off then
    seeing some at the beach with the hair hanging
    out it does not have anything to do with women
    hood or men hood it better to be neat then hairy
    and no juicy ball in your hair

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