Fashion for Your Penis: LELO’s Tux

No joke! Okay, it’s a joke — but it’s an incredibly well-made, high quality, totally wearable, and definitely purchasable joke. We would expect nothing less from our friends at LELO, who’ve proven once again that elegance and humor are not mutually exclusive when it comes to great sex.

LELO_tux_packagingjpgJust in time for Valentine’s Day, they’ve crafted TUX, modern penis fashion reminiscent of the classic tuxedo and inspired by the ancient history of, yes, willy warmers. Originating in the Mrkopalj mountain region of Croatia, penile sheaths were knit by the wives of shepherds and horseman embarking on long journeys to help their husbands tolerate the freezing cold in the 12th Century. From there, the items — still knitted by hand — moved across Europe, taking root in the fjords of Norway and Sweden  (the home and headquarters of LELO). Eventually, they began influencing trends themselves, evolving into the codpiece that swept Europe in the 16th Century. “Willy warmers” are still sold throughout UK, especially in Scotland (think: kilts), while the rest of the world remains uneducated (and chilly).

International pleasure object purveyors to the rescue! TUX is the most recent and certainly the most sophisticated and most tailored iteration of this centuries-old trend. (In other words, you won’t find this kind of quality at a Spencer’s Gifts!) The slip-on one-piece is accessorized with a smart black bowtie and adorable red rose. Presented as one-size-fits-most, with a stretchy cord that slips comfortably around the male undercarriage, it arrives in a luxurious gift box with instructions for wear included.

Why should women get all the lingerie fun? This Valentine’s Day, whether as a gift for the fella in your life or as a surprise you unveil to your partner, indulge in a little frisky fun with TUX. Until February 14th, TUX is available as a gift with purchase on orders over $120, or separately via selected retailers and at LELO.com for $29.95.

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