Kegel Contest Winner & Honorable Mentions!

We’re pleased to announce the winner of a beautiful new set of Lelo Luna Beads, the number one best-selling Kegel accessory in the world three years running: Mark Luczak! (Or should we say, his new wife is the winner of the Luna Beads!) Mark may be one of our very own Wise Guys, but just reading his entries will convince you he received no special treatment — his were simply the best. In fact, they were all so good we couldn’t pick just one as winner: read his below and pick your own favorite. Thanks to everyone else who participated — the ten fabulous honorable mentions are listed after the jump! You can read all the entries on Lelo’s Facebook wall.

Mark Luczak

The Old-School Headshot T-Shirt:
Dr. Arnold Henry Kegel…At Your Cervix.

The Acronym:
K eep
E xercising
G enital muscles,
E nhance
L ovemaking!

The Political (topical!):
Enhance Pelvic Floor Health: Vote Kegel!
Enhance Sexual Responsiveness: Vote Kegel!
Yes We Kegel! [picture that headshot of Dr. Kegel with signature red and blue shading]

The Billy Madison:
If Kegeling is cool,
then I’m Miles Davis!

The Olympic (also topical!):
2012 Gold Medalist, 200m Freestyle Kegel

The Periodic Table:
[Picture the big square with “Kg” in it…]


Ryan Butler

Squeeze to please!

Gerard Vand

Some women may get penis envy, but all men get kegal envy.

Kegels, the new Pilates!

Buying the latest smart wand from Lelo $269.95,
Buying a sexy French Maid collection from Lelo $139.95
Buying some Luna Beads from Lelo $69
Buying some Personal Moisturizer from Lelo $29.95
Doing Kegels while your buying it all…Priceless

Hld Nicole

Forget the diamonds! Kegels are a girls bestfriend!

A few kegels a day makes it more fun to play.

Jen Collins

Everyone should Kegel!
Even the regal,
The barely legal,
And that female seagull.

While you walk your beagles
Why not do some Kegels?

Greg Tsiatis

Working out was the pits, ’til I found Kegel for my bits!

Feeling lazy as a beagle, then run right out and buy a Kegel!

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  1. Ha, these are great. I’ve always thought that all the clever people on the internet come to this website.

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