KEGEL WEEK: “Fifty Shades of Grey” Spikes Sales of LELO’s Luna Beads


“Trust me?” he asks softly.

I nod. He holds out his hand, and in his palm are two round, shiny, silver balls, linked with a thick black thread.

“These are new,” he says emphatically.

I look questioningly up at him.

“I am going to put these inside of you, and then I’m going to spank you, not for punishment, but for your pleasure and mine.”

This, of course, is one of the famous scenes from Fifty Shades of Grey, the first book in the erotic trilogy by EL James, a series that has made it acceptable for morning shows to discuss spanking and safe words, for women who never considered sex toys before to start investing in their pleasure. What Oprah did for books, EL James is doing for bedroom accessories.

Case in point: sales of LELO’s Luna Beads Kegel exercise balls recently and very suddenly jumped by a whopping 400% in the US alone! And they’re thanking Fifty Shades for it.

In the excerpt above, Christian and Ana are using the classic ‘Ben Wa’ or ‘Geisha’ balls, which are weighted silver balls worn inside of the vagina. But if you ask us, those silver numbers with the fabric thread are old-fashioned and outdated, cold and not easily cleaned. Much better, in our opinion, are modern versions like Luna Beads, which are made of soft, body-safe, phthalate-free materials that are easily sterilized and — in the case of Luna — are customizable.

While Fifty Shades would have you believe vaginal balls are an orgasm generator, the sensation most of them radiate is super subtle. They are actually geared more towards future orgasms you’ll have without them inserted. Here’s why:

Items like Luna Beads work to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles — just by having them inside you, you’ll automatically start doing your Kegel exercises, probably without even noticing you’re doing them! The weighted balls inside each bead move as you move, prompting unconscious muscle contractions that result in an efficient workout with minimal effort. And strong pelvic muscles mean all sorts of good things:

  • Better blood flow to the area, which means more sensation for you, which can increase your libido and lead to more satisfaction during stimulation (yes, we’re talking longer, stronger orgasms)
  • Fuller, deeper and more satisfying sensations for both partners during intercourse
  • More bladder control and fewer pelvic floor disorders – problems which affect 1/3 of women worldwide
  • Easier vaginal childbirth
  • And a faster return to tone and tightness after giving birth

We’re thrilled to have Luna Beads as our Special of the Month for all that they come with:

  • 4 beads in 2 different weights that you can mix and match to increase resistance as your pelvic floor strength grows
  • An antibacterial storage pouch
  • A 5ml sachet of LELO Personal Moisturizer
  • A user manual
  • A 1-year warranty
  • A 10-year quality guarantee
  • A 15% discount when you use the code Em&Lo1 on Lelo.com

All those features have made Luna Beads the best-selling Kegel aid in the world for the past three years. (Impressive!) Women over 30 or who’ve been pregnant should go with the original Luna Beads; women under 30 who haven’t been pregnant should opt for the Luna Beads Mini.

Happy Kegeling! (And if you can get someone to spank you while you’re doing them, all the better.)


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