KEGEL WEEK: How to Do Kegels (for HIM)

Yesterday we went over the anatomy of your genital muscles and introduced you to the man who invented Kegels. Today, gentlemen, we instruct you on how to actually do the strengthening exercises. The following is excerpted from our first sex manual, The Big Bang:


Regular kegel exercises are a way to bond with your penis — and who couldn’t benefit from more QT with his johnson? The more adept you become at isolating these muscles (and flexing them at will), the more aware you’ll be of what’s going on right before and during orgasm (beyond the usual “holy crap, that feels good!”). You’ll also have more control over your number one guy. Of course, by “control” we mean that while he’ll always be in the driver’s seat, he might actually listen to your directions every now and then.

Targeting the Muscle Group

What works for the chicks works for the dicks: next time you’re on a tinkle break, stop the flow of pee for a few seconds. (Or, if you’ve got a good imagination, pretend you’re holding it right now.) Feel those internal muscles you’re contracting? Good — those are your pelvic muscles. Just make sure that you’re not tensing your butt or abs at the same time. Once you know where those muscles live, don’t be literally stopping the flow of pee anymore — all that holding back just isn’t good for you.

Your Work-Out Program

It’s just like the ladies’ program: Squeeze, hold, release. Repeat. And repeat.

If you’ve never kegled before, start slow. First, make sure your bladder is empty. Then, squeeze the pelvic muscles, hold for two or three seconds, and release. Do it again, four or five more times. Repeat three times daily. (If it ever starts to hurt, back off and build up more slowly, as you would with any work-out.) When that starts to feel like a cinch, up your reps and the count you hold for: Increase both gradually until you can hold the squeeze for about ten seconds, ten to twenty times in a row. Do that three times daily. Combine those long, loving squeezes with short, rapid-fire kegel bursts — three or four quickie clenches at the end of each long one. You can even try bearing down, though it probably won’t come as naturally to you as it does to the ladies.

And just like in yoga class, work on keeping your breathing in sync with your squeezing: Try inhaling as you contract, holding your breath while you hold the muscles, and exhaling as you relax. Or inhale one deep breath while you punch out the quickies. Maintain this exercise schedule for six weeks, and you should start to notice the difference in the bedroom (even if it’s just you and your left hand in that bedroom).

When to Flex

Next time you’re inside your partner, hold reeeallly still and try a little twitching action. See what she or he says. Or try squeezing your muscles right before, or right as, you climax. Experiment while you’re flogging the bishop to see what flexing does for you and your orgasm.



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  1. I first learned about Kegels for men from the original The G-Spot, which for all it’s buzz about women “squirting” was actually about misconceptions about both women’s and men’s sexual anatomy.

    From that book another way to exercise men’s pelvic floors is to drape a towel over one’s erection and flex it up and down. (You were supposed to start with a small towel and, I think, work your way up.)

    I’m not sure why I’m blushing when I type this but it’s been my experience that doing your Kegels makes a big difference in, um, orgasmic experience. Not sure why but specifically, for me, once I started doing them it made the plateau phase last a lot longer that it’s allegedly supposed to for men. And it made sensation during ejaculation a lot more intense.

    Anyway, Kegels are definitely a good idea for men as well as women.


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