LELO on a Budget: The Best Sex Toys Under $100

It’s no secret LELO is our favorite maker of pleasure objects in the entire world (and not just because they’re our sponsor!). They make high quality products that are designed to both look and feel wonderful. Put simply: LELO elevates sex.

But quality ain’t cheap. We think it’s worth saving a bit and investing in a toy you’ll love and cherish for a while (it’s way more rewarding than blowing your hard earned money on a piece of jewelry — after all, a necklace won’t give you an orgasm).

But if times are tough, or you’d just like to give yourself or your loved one a little gift, LELO offers plenty of ways to affordably elevate your sex life. Fourteen ways in fact. Here they are, listed in order of affordability:



LELO (Toy) Cleaning Spray

Containing anti-viral and anti-fungal properties within a pH balanced formula that’s alcohol- and silicone-free, this easy-on spray (60 mL/ 2 oz) is great way to help keep your sex toys squeaky clean.



TANTRA Feather Teaser

Combining down feathers with a polished metal and acrylic handle, this teaser will give you tickles, chills and thrills — before, during or after the main event. It’s so lightweight, you can even hold it in your mouth!



Personal Moisturizer

This dual-purpose, water-based lubricant — that’s glycerine-free, paraben-free and unscented —  is safe to use with all LELO products and latex, as well as on you and your partner. Non-greasy and non-staining, you can even use it as a body lotion!



Flickering Touch Massage Candle

Made from all-natural soy wax, shea butter and apricot kernel oil (& no chemical additives), the lightly scented wax melts into a warm massage oil. Available in 3 aromas: Vanilla & Crème De Cacao, Snow Pear & Cedarwood, and Black Pepper & Pomegranate. The eco-friendly wick burns up to 36 hours.



LUNA Beads Noir

Inspired by centuries-old Ben Wa balls, these comfortable and discreet beads offer gentle vibrations that offer you a sensual secret while strengthening your pelvic muscles, which can lead to stronger orgasms and more sexual satisfaction.



SENSUA Suede Whip

Great for beginners, LELO’s little whip gives you a soft (or firm) introduction to kink. The soft suede tassels, alongside the polished metal and acrylic handle, will help you live out your Fifty Shades fantasies.



LUNA Beads

The original LELO bead set comes with with four interchangeable beads, with two different weights for variable sensations and customized pelvic workouts. What’s more, they’re available in two sizes, Classic and Mini.



ETHEREA Silk Cuffs

Made with 100% pure silk and soft sheepskin suede, these cuffs have long ribbons that allow for versatile use — tie on wrists, ankles, or your surroundings. The cuffs themselves have LELO’s jacquard pattern on one side and soft suede on the other. Restrict anything but pleasure!



INTIMA Silk Blindfold

This adjustable blindfold with an elastic band and long ribbons ensure a perfect fit for everyone, so you can heighten senses and focus on the pleasures at hand.




For those who like discretions (or just dirty little secrets), the lipstick-style design of the Mia 2 massager will look perfectly at home in your purse or bedside drawer. Since it’s USB-rechargeable, it gives you more power than batteries. And the shape has been specifically molded to target the clitoris — a nice feature in an external vibe.



BOA Pleasure Ties

With pouches of freshwater pearls at one end balancing stylish nickel-free metal rings at the other, LELO’s long 100% pure silk restraints can tie you or your partner to bedposts, chairs, each other…



SUTRA Chainlink Cuffs

Made from 100 % pure silk, sheepskin suede, and nickel-free metal, LELO’s Sutra cuffs offer a softer, safer, more sensual take on traditional (and traditionally uncomfortable) metal handcuffs.




This external massager has a cool, porcelain-like finish and a floral motif for discretion. The sculpted tip focuses pleasure on and around the clitoris. And it’s fully rechargeable for more power and more convenience.



LUNA Smart Bead

With touch-sensors that measure and respond to your every squeeze, the LUNA Smart Bead gages your orgasm-potential and sets a routine that’s right for you.
$109.00 (okay, so it’s a smidge over a $100, but it’s worth it!)

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  1. A friend recommended the Luna Beads after I had a baby, and they’ve been a super easy (and not unenjoyable!) way to get kegel workouts in. Plus, compared with Lelo’s other pricey price tags, $34 seems like a deal.

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