Sex at the Winter Olympics

Vancouver is continuing the tradition, started in 1992 at the Barcelona Olympics, of making free condoms available to athletes. They’re matching the amount of 100,000 that the Chinese provided at the last Summer Games. But since there are fewer athletes in the Winter Games than in the Summer, it works out to more condoms per player (almost 15 this time around)According to the Vancouver Sun, the condoms are “provided by the B.C. Centre for Disease Control and [are] available at two village polyclinics staffed by doctors and nurses under the direction of the health authority.” Health officials wanted to put them into the athletes’ packages, but the IOC nixed that idea. There’s been talk of the influx of sex workers to Vancouver to meet the demand for services by visitors and athletes — some seemingly for it, and some against it. But the best info we’ve seen so far on sex at the Olympic Games has come from former Olympics Canadian snowboarder Crispin Liscomb, in an interview pressing him for the dirty details about post-event hook-ups, which he handles with class and charm (see video above).

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