What Your Date’s Starbucks Order Says About Your Relationship

Look at the drink the person you’re dating orders when the two of you go to Starbucks together.

I’m absolutely serious. Their Starbucks drink order can be all the information you need to figure out if they like you and if you’ve attracted the soulmate of your dreams.


1. If they order the same thing as you…


Someone who orders the same thing as you when you go to Starbucks definitely likes you.

The problem is, they might like you a little TOO much.

A person’s Starbucks order is their personal calling card. It’s their way of turning to a cold world and asserting their identity. “I’m Tiffany and I’m a three pump mocha latte with hot water” (I do not even know if that is a thing, but I feel like it could be so let’s go with it).

If someone is taking YOUR order instead of their own, they’re desperate to impress you. That’s sweet, but not when it comes at the cost of them opening up and showing you how they really roll.


2. If they order off menu… 


A person who orders a Starbucks drink that isn’t on the menu definitely likes you, but they’ll be damned before they let you know it.

They want you to want them. They’re a little insecure, but they would never let you know that.

They’re the kings of the humble-brag, the hipsters who’ve heard of the band that’s playing “before they were cool.”

They want you to see that they’re too awesome to order from the “lamestream” menu. They’re edgy and unique, and so are their beverages.


3. If they order a novelty frappucino…


Someone who orders a novelty frappucino (I’m looking at you, the mermaid or the dragon or the girl scout cookie fraps) is less interested in you and more interested in staying single.

They’re pretty trend-obsessed, and less likely to worry about whether or not you’ll text them back than they are to worry about why the latest shots they’ve shared to Insta aren’t getting more likes.

They may think you’re cute and cool, but they’re too focused on their cute and cool selves to actually do anything about it.


4. If they order black coffee … 


You have bagged yourself a winner! A person who orders black coffee at Starbucks definitely smells what you are cooking.

They’re less interested in what they’re drinking and more interested in you. If they’re no muss and no fuss when it comes to beverages, that’s the same attitude they’ll bring with them into relationships.

I mean, I guess they could also be cheap, but I’m going with the positive spin on this one for sure.


5. If they order tea … 


A date who orders tea at Starbucks isn’t afraid to go against the grain. Sure, it could just be that they don’t like coffee, but if that was the case they could have ordered hot chocolate and called it a day.

The person who orders tea is trying to tell you they’re smart, sensitive, and thoughtful, and will absolutely watch every episode of The Crown with you, all you need to do is ask.

The Starbucks tea drinker definitely likes you, but they’re looking for a serious commitment, so proceed with caution.

IDK, they could also just like tea, I guess. Let’s be real.

This article originally appeared on YourTango.com.

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