Wise Guys: Do Men Have Elaborate Fantasies Like Women?

photo via flickr

Advice from three of EMandLO.com’s guy friends. This week they answer the following: “Do guys ever have elaborate fantasies (Riding a white horse to a naked maiden? Being captured as a porn star’s slave?), or do their fantasies tend to be more prosaic?” To ask the guys your own question, click here.

mark_luczak_100Straight Engaged Guy (Mark Luczak): Guys’ fantasies probably tend to be less Fabio-covered romance novel-esque, but that doesn’t mean they necessarily lack in poetic beauty (yes, I had to double-check the definition of “prosaic” — I thought it was an antidepressant). Since we’re stereotypically more strictly visual and to-the-point, our fantasies can run the wide range from “hot co-worker spontaneously jumping our bones” to “hot neighbor spontaneously jumping our bones” to “hot girl walking down the street spontaneously jumping our bones.” If we really want to get elaborate, we’ll mix in a porn star, or two.

daniel_100Gay Single Guy (Daniel): I think guys can have very elaborate fantasies, but that really depends on his own sexual imagination. I’m sure there are plenty who can only think of a two-girl bisexual threesome and that’s it, but I’m 100% positive there are others who might want to, say, get abducted off the street and brought into a room with dominant women who are going to sexually use and humiliate him to their hearts’ content in very specific ways. The bigger question is: which kind of guy do you want? One with a great sexual imagination, one without, or does it matter?

anonymous_suitStraight Married Guy (Figleaf): I guess I could say something like, “Hey, anyone who’s spent much time in a high-school locker room knows that guys can have very elaborate fantasies.” Or I could point out the healthy percentage of text-based porn written by men. But the real answer is… sure. Sometimes. Just speaking for myself, I’ve sometimes had fantasies that have taken literally all day to compose. But they’re not always elaborate at all. Again, speaking for myself, they’re sometimes almost impressionistic snippets of a single mental image, a motion, a touch, or memory.

Our “guys” are a rotating group of contributors. This week’s Gay Guy is one-time stripper and sex columnist Daniel; our Straight Engaged Guy is Mark Luczak, a tech geek at Carnegie Mellon University; and our Straight Married Guy is Figleaf, the guy behind RealAdultSex.com. To ask the guys your own question, click here.