Yay, Our First Trump-Inspired Hater!

Well, that didn’t take long. A sad Trump-supporter who projects his own self-hatred onto women went on a tear through the comments of the post “My Boyfriend Has a Small Penis…At Least It’s Small to Me.” Add this to the growing number of public expressions of hate now legitimized by Trump’s win. We’ll keep loathsome comments up as long as they don’t resort to name-calling or encourage violence and other criminal activities (hello, pedophilia!) — after that,  you’re done. But sometimes it’s worth highlighting the horror shows (though we refuse to do him the courtesy of correcting his spelling mistakes):

Yes, this is why I go abroad to have sex with very young girls and young virigns with tight pussies. They are more atttactive and easier to deal with anyways. The women that write this article don’t actually give a shit and seemingly purposefully do a bad job at pretending to. They somehow get off and feel good about themselves for pretending to care about men. You can’t change nature. The world is an unfair place, do what you want. 

It’s a good thing Donald Trump was elected president even though I know it will be a worse situation for women. They deserve no better, they deserve much worse and I’m sure they will suffer more. Females have it too good in America, are spoiled brats and now that will start to change. They need to all be raped and beaten, and made to obey. I simply do what I want in this life, and fuck whichever little girl I can as long as I can get away with it.

Men! Females are no better than men, in fact they tend to be worse human beings! Remember that and never let them walk all over you! Put a bitch in her place! 

About size. Vaginas get stretched out too, and it feels worse and also look gross. Go for the young inexperienced ones! Don’t let these spoiled cunts get penis, they don’t deserve it.

…Many men are naturally attracted to very young girls with beautiful tight pussies, yet we can’t act on it in America because of some abitrary moral code that has dictated American law. Fuck you and the people that did this. I get what I want abroad. I make money here, but I could care less about these ignorant, selfish, unworthy cunts in this country. 

Don’t expect permission to act on your nature if you don’t give permission. I suppose the world is just a net zero system and we will always benefit as someone’s expense. Everyone is equally awful, some people choose to deny it.

10 Super Easy Ways Not to Be a Sexist Pig Like Trump


    1. Well, we totally agree with you that it’s going to be a looooooong administration — it already feels like it’s been 1 year rather than 1 month. But we won’t sit down and shut up during it — we’re going to question and fight every regressive, ill-informed, hate-driven, fear-mongering, myopic, rights-crushing, self-defeating measure he tries to enact. That’s our Constitutional right.

  1. the writer should tell the nice cbp officer about the young girls he was having sex with overseas when he’s returning to the USA. he will find out that its illegal for US citizens to pursue sexual relations with minors outside the US as well. a president Trump won’t change this.

  2. Very Inflamatory article. I didn’t like reading it any more than reading something Jeffery Dalmer or Richard Speck, Hilter…would write. Lets make sure we keep the sex offenders list, current, accurate and public. Something helpful please.

  3. This is terrible. It’s sad that people still think this way, saying “go after the young, tight virgin pussies” that’s just sick on so many levels. I just don’t know what to say this, I’m just angry that they would have the audacity to comment something so sexist.

  4. That is a special trash fire of a human being and I missed where in the Trump platform child rape was being advocated. Maybe he was watching the South Park Mr Garrison. This kind of hate and loathing is never going to be tolerated, I don’t care who is elected president. Hopefully the authorities find out this individuals activities and put him where he belongs, a padded room with muzzle.

  5. This is so DISTURBING on so many levels. Thanks to you guys for continuing an awesome, empowering site even though some people don’t want you to. We need more like Em and Lo. My favorite part is: “Men! Females are no better than men, in fact they tend to be worse human beings! Remember that and never let them walk all over you! Put a bitch in her place!” Yikes. What’s your favorite part?

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