New Wedding Mag for Same-Sex Couples

photo by “Equally Wed” is the new online magazine for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender couples who are tying the knot (legally or not). It’s got the typical bridal magazine stuff that just feeds the Nuptial Industrial Complex — like fashion, beauty and fitness items with tips from experts, trends and products. (Yawn.) What […]

Ask Men Survey Gives Us Hope, Defies Beer Ad Stereotypes

image via Chuck “Caveman” Coker When we read that had surveyed tens of thousands of guys about everything from sex to suits, we were a little nervous. Would the results indicate that men — at least, the ones who read — are exactly like the beer commercials say they are? We are pleased […]

The New Abortion Providers

Dr. Emily Godfrey is our new hero: she had the courage to be featured on the front page of the NYTimes Sunday Magazine last weekend as a doctor willing to provide abortions, not in an abortion clinic but at her practice where she sees all sorts of patients. In case you missed it last weekend, […]

Pop Culture
Tell Us About Your Sex Life and Win a Free Kissa Toy!

photo by love janine Don’t think of it as bribery… think of it as a thank you gift for sharing. We’re working on an article for a mainstream (very respectable!) magazine about couples’ sex lives, and we want to talk to you. The idea of the piece is, most of us have no idea what […]

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ISO – Secretly Sexy Couples to Feature in a National Magazine!

photo by love janine We’re looking for ordinary couples who have extraordinary sex lives to feature in an article for a very popular (and respectable) national women’s magazine. For instance, to the outside world you’re upstanding members of your community who enjoy holding hands and throwing dinner parties. But behind closed doors….you practice Tantric sex, […]

Granta's New Sex Issue

Our friends at Granta, the fabulous Brit-based literary magazine, have just come out with their new Sex Issue! In it, twenty-one writers take on the topic from an array of shocking angles — from the musicology of Zimbabwean sexual politics to the tale of a man seducing his lover in the pages of a national […]

Frisky Fiascos: Have They Ever Happened to You?

photo by BLW Photography For an article in a national women’s magazine, we’re looking for people who’ve experienced any of the following bedroom bloopers. Bonus points if you’ve got a particularly funny or mortifying story related to the scenarios below. If you fit the bill and are willing to share the dirty deets (anonymity honored […]

A Victorian, Pre-Kinsey Sex Survey

photo of Clelia Mosher from the Stanford University Archives The March/April edition of Stanford Magazine has a fascinating article on Dr. Clelia Mosher, a Victorian-Era scientist, researcher and Stanford professor who conducted the first known sex surveys of women, decades before Kinsey (who’s considered the pioneer of sex research). Even though the sample size is […]

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The GQ Interview with Rielle Hunter

photo from Have you read the no-holds-barred GQ interview with Rielle Hunter, John Edwards’ mistress during his presidential campaign and father of her only child? It’s required reading. Not necessarily for the intimate behind-the-scene details you learn about Edwards’ relationships, both with Hunter and his wife Elizabeth, but for the voyeuristic door it opens […]

We Always Knew Modern Design Was Bad for Your Love Life

The things that once so defined him — shag carpeting, Room & Board sofas, monogamy — now suffocated him. — via If you’ve ever browsed the pages of, say, Dwell magazine and wondered how the hell anyone could even fart in such an antiseptic environment, let alone have an orgasm, then you’ll love […]