Casual Sex Confessions in 5 Seconds Flat


In their hook up issue (Jul 2-8, 2009), Time Out New York launched a new sex and dating section. One fun feature you can access online is called “One-Night-Stand Confessions” where New Yorkers reveal one thing they’ve always wanted to tell a past fling. This being the age of Twitter, these revelations aren’t eloquent personal essays mining the lascivious liaisons of days gone by for philosophical gold, but instead are just blunt blurbs on Post-It notes (natch). Of the 44 in all, some are romantic (“I still dream about that night”), some are fake or at least fake-sounding (“I wish we weren’t related”),  some are rude (“Thanks for telling me I could do whatever I want…I did and I bet ur ass hurts”), and a lot are angry and/or body-fluid-related (“Thanks for peeing the bed then never returning my favorite earrings”) — but all have really nothing to do with New York and everything to do with the awkwardness of casual sex — i.e. collectively, they’re universal.

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