Erections Just a Bit Too Hard

filament_magazine0003photo via Filament magazine

The brand new Filament magazine in the U.K. calls bullshit on the so-called common knowledge that women don’t like to look. The real problem, they figure, is that women have just never had anything decent to look at. According to their “Female Gaze” mission statement: “From research we’ve learnt that what most women find erotic does not at all match what is typically thought of as an erotic image of a man designed for women. For example, on average, women prefer: men who are not muscle-bound; men with more feminine face shapes; men with attractive faces; images that show the subject’s character and the environment he is in.” Oh yeah, and sometimes women like to see erections, too. And there’s the, er, rub.

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  1. My guess would be younger women prefer “more feminine” faces as they appear less threatening. Some of us like our men a little more rough and ready. (After all, Bikers get plenty of pussy, don’t they?)

    And, sure, we like to look. Aside from that creepy guy on the subway with his Morning Wood, we DO look, and look for tented pant fronts, as well as sizable tents. At least those of us who have had enough experience not to be threatened by such things. And, just like men, looking at breasts etc, we do try not to get caught looking. Embarrassing, “oh, no, I was just, um, I thought you had spilled your coffee on yourself and and um, Oh God….Oh, my cell is ringing…” walks away……

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