Katie Roiphe Vs. Steve Almond

Last Sunday, in a big NYTimes think piece, sexual mores writer Katie Roiphe accused Dave Eggers and his fellow male American literary contemporaries of being too into cuddling. It sounded pretty. And it’s hard to resist the compulsion to bow down to the almighty New York Time Book Review and just assume it’s not quite making sense because you’re not smart enough. But this week, on The Rumpus, author Steve Almond confirmed our suspicions and took Roiphe to task, point by point.

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  1. Roiphe’s macho fetish notwithstanding, who says modern men are less sexual than her fantasy dead white males?

    Call it a variation on “those who can’t, teach” but a good rule of thumb that could almost have come from a hard-bitten novelist, but… dames like Ropiphe don’t get dat guys in the lockerroom braggin’ da most are da ones dat ain’t havin’ so much sex. See?


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