Dr. Kate, What’s This Bump on My Boyfriend’s Penis?

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Dear Dr. Kate,

Hi,  I have some concerns about my boyfriend and his private parts…. he has a lump on the lower part of his penis: it’s got blood in it and it’s about the size of a marble. I’m really concerned it could be something bad or it could be something that I can get if we have sex. So I refuse to have sex till he knows what it could be. Do you have any clue on what it could be?

— Closed for Business

Dear CfB,

Lumps and bumps in the genitals can be a whole host of things. The short answer is that most STDs tend to look like ulcers (small or large, one or many), white bumps (warts) or cysts (herpes). The kind of lump you’re describing is unusual — and he needs to see a doctor as soon as he can, to make sure it’s not something more dangerous. It doesn’t sound like an infection, meaning you’re probably not at risk (though I can’t be sure without an examination). But I would be worried that this lump could burst when you’re having sex (if it really does have blood in it) — so see if that possibility is enough to get him to a doctor sooner rather than later.

Dr. Kate

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  1. It is an ingrown hair. I’d bet money.

    I too had the lump on my dick, the size of a bibi when it was down and the size of a small marble when it acted up. Fearing the worst I went to ten different doctors who all assured me that it wasn’t an STD, but who couldn’t tell me what it is either.

    Finally it emerged: an extremely long pube that had been growing under my skin for years. I wound up getting it surgically removed, which left me with a scar and the nickname “Frankendick” (clever girl, my wife).

    2 thing surprised me:

    1. 10 doctors couldn’t diagnose an ingrown hair, which is probably the most common derm problem after zits!?

    2. The number of women who seemed not to care that I had a massive disgusting boil on my dick and had sex with me anyway. Good on you for actually wondering about this.

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