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Drunk-Texting an Ex: Good Idea, Bad Idea, or Worst Idea Ever?

Three things always seem like a good idea when you’re drunk: Having another drink, going to Mickey D’s, and texting your most recent ex. You wake the next morning with a pounding head, a roiling stomach, and a cringing feeling as you scroll messages on your phone. And there they are: Sixteen rambling texts to your ex at 3:10 […]

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7 Tips for Getting Over a Sexual Hang-Up

Even though you’ve heard for years that all people love [fill in the blank], you just don’t. You — or your partner — think (or at least hope) you’ll eventually grow to like it, or even love it.  You want to love it. You want to make your partner happy and give them the pleasure they desire. But maybe […]

Pop Culture
What the Song “Honey, I’m Good” Song Gets Right About Marriage

On first listen, the country-ish pop hit “Honey, I’m Good” by Andy Grammar shouldn’t appeal to us in the slightest: Some douchey pop star with a pompadour calling the waitress “Honey” and commenting on her amazing ass and how much he’d love to go home with her, while, in the same breath, telling her he’s […]

Dear Em & Lo
Dear Em & Lo: How Do I Go from “Friends” to More?

Get Personal Advice Publicly on EMandLO.comTry Our New *PRIVATE* Advice Service! Dear Em & Lo, I’ve known this girl “Ashley” since high school band eight years ago. We instantly hit it off as friends the day we met because of our mutual liking of illegal substances. I know it’s cliche, but I’ve had a crush […]

Wise Guys
Wise Guys: What’s a Man’s Ideal New Year’s Eve? Part 2

Advice from three of EMandLO.com’s guy friends. This week they answer the following: “What’s your ideal New Year’s Eve?” To ask the guys your own question, click here. Married Straight Guy (Ben D.): For a married guy, the kids are away at the grandparents’, and we’re either at a bar or big private party with a lot of our […]

What's Up Doc?
Dear Dr. Kate: How Long Will It Take to Cleanse My Scent?

photo by Tambako The Jaguar Dr. Kate is an OB/GYN at one of the largest teaching hospitals in New York City and she answers your medical questions here every two weeks. To ask her your own question, click here. Dear Dr. Kate, I’ve read your post ”Why Does My Vagina Taste Bitter Sometimes?” Okay, so I […]

Dear Em & Lo
Dear Em & Lo, Did I Put Out Prematurely?

photo by Frank H Dear Em and Lo, OK, here’s a complicated question, but I’m not fond of roadside psychics, so you guys are my best bet. I’ve been carrying on a flirtation with a local bartender for about a month now. The other night, the flirtation led to drinks at a neighboring bar, and […]

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The How To's of Designated Dialing

photo by sidewalk_flying Drunk dialing — we’ve all been there. For the record, not all booty calls conducted under the influence are considered drunk dialing. It’s only drunk dialing if you’re making a call that you will actually regret in the morning, whether or not that call results in booty. Typically when you drunk dial, […]

Personal Essays
Confession: I Don't Do Drunken Hookups

photo by nayrb7 A college-student contributor friend of ours, who wishes to remain anonymous, has a confession to make: I woke up one morning after an evening chugging most of a jug of $3 wine and several cups of that uniquely collegiate concoction “jungle juice.” Head pounding, eyes squinting, and stomach lurching, I realized there […]

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How to Buy (or Accept) a Drink

photo by Southern_Foodways_Alliance Sending a hottie a drink is an old stand-by among pick-up artists. However, this move may be interpreted as “cheesy” rather than “kitschy” in certain irony-free zones — Idaho, perhaps, or Long Island — or by women who are frequently sent “Slippery Nipples.” Thus, we can only recommend this maneuver in good […]

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How Not to Regret Your Holiday Office Party in 4 Easy Steps

photo by iLoveButter We’ve both worked from home for more than five years, which means that we’ve been deprived of the Curb-Your-Enthusiasm-esque pleasure-meets-pain of holiday office party shenanigans. (We did make a festive trip together to the local Christmas tree farm, but there was no Xerox machine there for us to disgrace ourselves on.) So, […]

Pop Culture
Books: I Was Drunk When I Wed; Is It Legal?

photo by kalin9999 Our friend Robin Epstein and her sister Amy Epstein Feldman just wrote a hilarious (not to mention helpful) book called  So Sue Me, Jackass! Avoiding Legal Pitfalls That Can Come Back to Bite You at Work, at Home, and at Play. Last week we published an excerpt that answered the age-old question, […]

Tufts University Creates a Campus of Sexiles

photo by methTICALman Ah, college. The beer pong, the all-nighters, the walks of shame, the pillow over your head so you can’t hear your roommate’s drunken hook-up… Well, Tufts University has gone and ruined the last of these fond memories. A new campus policy is meant to deal with an issue that was previously managed […]

Wise Guys
Wise Guys: How Should a Woman Pick Up a Man in a Bar?

Advice from three of our guy friends. This week they answer the following: What are the best ways for a woman to pick up a man in a bar? Gay Single Guy (Daniel): Well, what kind of bar is it? If it’s a sports bar, talk about the game of course! I’m going out on […]

Personal Essays
Confession: Alcohol Saved My Sex Life…But Hurt It Too

photo via freeparking Our contributor Abby Spector, who is double-majoring in English and Feminine/Gender/Sexuality Studies at Wesleyan University, has a confession to make: All my sex life, I’ve had a love-hate relationship with alcohol. Not because it provokes the desire but takes away the performance, as Shakespeare once said. No, my problem is that it […]