Tufts University Creates a Campus of Sexiles

sexile_notephoto by methTICALman

Ah, college. The beer pong, the all-nighters, the walks of shame, the pillow over your head so you can’t hear your roommate’s drunken hook-up…

Well, Tufts University has gone and ruined the last of these fond memories. A new campus policy is meant to deal with an issue that was previously managed via ear plugs and/or drinking so much that you’d sleep through an earthquake: roommate sex. Yes, according to Tufts Daily, the campus newspaper, college officials have now banned “any sex act in a dorm room while one’s roommate is present” (even masturbation?!); also, “any sexual activity in the room should not interfere with a roommate’s privacy, study habits, or sleep.”

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  1. UG, I accidentally witnessed the “deflowering” of my roommate’s boyfriend. OMG.

    I am very sex positive and always have been, but it was still awful. I still remember, not really being all the way asleep, and he came in, and there was some quiet conversation and he got up onto her bed (she was using the top bunk, I was on…..the lower one) and then the squeaking springs started, and the….Oh, no….I just put my pillow over my head and tried to play dead.

    I was better friends with my room mate’s bf than I was with her, and I told him later that I was awake, and could they do it while I wasn’t there? He apologized, “We thought you were asleep. She said it would be fine.” To find out it was HIS first time. He didn’t know the protocol. SHE did. (what ever happened to the scarf on the doorknob?)

    Needless to say, it was kind of rude. But, I don’t know if RULES by the University need to be made.

    I went to a Jesuit University, so “boys” in the women’s dorm after midnight on weekends and 10 PM on weekdays was already prohibited, but there are ways to have your sex and not really cause emotional damage to your room mate. For instance, when my bf came to stay with me while I was rooming there, I told said room mate so she could find alternative shelter for the night. SOMEONE is always ready to take you in, when your room mate wants to get it on. There’s really no reason for having sex while your room mate is THERE and pretending he or she “won’t notice.” It’s obvious.

    However, I don’t like yet an other “rule” for young people to follow. I’d think it was common courtesy to not fuck with other people in the room.

  2. lmao @ Johnny…is that horrible i somewhat agree with him? seriously, if you plan to hook up with someone knowing their roommate is there, be prepared to see some eyes, and if you dont like it, dont do it. lame that they’re trying to enforce something…whats the point of being young if you dont have things like that to look back on…and i mean, just get em back later! lol

  3. people really do this? people really expect their roommates to get earplugs? I’ve NEVER had a roommate have sex when I was there that only had one room. sure, if we’re suitemates, yeah, go close your door and have fun. but in the same room? unless you’ve got an exhibitionsitic kink-how would that not put a damper on things? I’ve always felt too awkward to have sex right in front of a roommate. I cannot fathom how this is enough of a problem to need a rule. also, how exactly is this going to be enforced? is a camera going to be installed in every room?

  4. My roommates never fucked with me in the roo more than once. That’s because if someone’s going to fuck in front of me, I feel entitled to sit up and watch.

    JohnnysRommie: What the fuck are you doing!?

    Johnny: What the fuck are YOU doing?!

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