Your Call: What’s a Good Sex Toy to Get My Girlfriend?

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My girlfriend doesn’t own any sex toys. I’m not even sure she masturbates. She’s pretty coy about it. I’d like to get her one as a gift, to hopefully show her what she’s been missing out on, especially when I’m out of town. But I don’t want gross her out or make her feel pressured. Is this a bad idea? If not, what’s a good one to get her? I also don’t want to break the bank, especially if just ends up collecting dust in her drawer. Suggestions? Thx.

— Toy Curious

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  1. I have found that going to a sex shop with my partner is a fun and sexy experience! Go, explore, get some new toys and grab some dinner. Perfect date night!

  2. From reader Michelle on Facebook: “Unless she’s sent you a link to a very specific one, don’t. Vaginas a picky, and chances are the toy will turn out to be the wrong one. If my partner wanted to get me a toy, the best way would be to pick it out together. Next best way would be a gift certificate to a shop/seller I like.”

  3. Lelo makes some fabulous high end stuff, but tbh, a vibrating bullet with adjustable settings are cheap, practical, and not threatening to someone new. Should you? Absolutely.

  4. Tell her and let her pick one out. You can’t surprise someone with a sex toy unless you’ve been given firsthand information about which one the person specifically wants. Way too many variables as far as likes/dislikes. Just talk to her about it, and see if she even wants one. Hell, for all you know her hand is her favorite sex toy and yours could be her second favorite.

    1. I definitely agree! It’s always good to make something like a sex toy as personal as possible. Especially if you are going to splurge on a high-end toy.

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