Poll: Who’s Most Fun to Role-Play on TV?


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  1. None of these would work for me. I think MadMen only won because you can’t even imagine role playing to a gory crime show or reality show about unpleasant people. Apparently TV writers and producers aren’t considering role playing potential when they come ups with shows.

  2. Thanks so much Sharon! We really appreciate it, and are glad you liked the book, “SEX: How to Do Everything.” As far as the heterosexual focus of the book goes, that decision was made by our publishers — they wanted us to focus on heterosexual couples only, which we’re assuming makes it slightly easier to market. (Plus, a limited page count makes it harder to include everyone AND everything well.) But one of the things we’re most proud of about “The Big Bang” is the inclusiveness of it: male, female, gay, straight, bi — everyone was invited to that party!

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