Top 10 Things Gossip Girl Taught Us About Sex

Back when we watched the original 90210, all we remember learning about sex was that if you didn’t sleep with your boyfriend on prom night, he might end up addicted to crystal meth. Oh, how times have changed. Here’s the Gossip Girl guide to sex…

  1. Never make a list of all the people you’ve ever slept with. And if you do, burn it before your boyfriend finds it in your purse while digging for tip money for the delivery guy.
  2. The lonely boy with his head stuck in a book is much more “attentive” in bed than the jock. And you better snag him now, because once he gets to college, everyone else will figure this out too.
  3. If he seems too good to be true then he’s probably sleeping with his stepmom.
  4. That bad boy that you think you can “rescue” from himself? He’ll just keep on breaking your heart until the story becomes so boring that even you can’t stand to hear it anymore.
  5. If you’re going to sleep with someone you’re not supposed to (like, oh, say, your teacher), then don’t fondle each other’s hair in public.
  6. Nobody in high school is mature enough to be friends with their ex. In fact, nobody this side of a retirement home is mature enough to be true friends with their ex. Can’t we all just let friends be friends and exes be exes?
  7. If you have to ask: Yep, he’s probably gay.
  8. That short bald Jewish dude? He’s a keeper. (Yes, we also learned this from Sex & the City. But it’s a lesson that bears repeating.)
  9. If you “connect” with someone at an exclusive masked orgy, it was probably just the cocaine talking.
  10. High school sex is OMFG hot: simultaneously orgasmic, it usually happens in chic lingerie in the back of a stretch limo, and it’s blissfully free of butt pimples and STDs. Oh, wait…


  1. fuck yeah but i allways wanted to have sex is it ok to have sex when you feel turned on

  2. I’ve never watched the show. However I would have to disagree with Rolando and #6. I’m still friends with all of my exes. Of course the relationship isn’t as deep as it once was but we talk a couple times of year and exchange pleasantries or company over the holidays.

  3. Along with that question, why would you carry it around with you?? I guess TV shows need the drama?

  4. Why on Earth would anyone want to actually take the time to make a written list of the people they have slept with, unless it’s in their little black book, along with notes as to their attributes?

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